Friday, March 5, 2010


Chung Jia Ning. The 1st person I met in TOA. I think we 1st known each other through this, map thingy... either one of us realized that we are enrolling to TOA (The One Academy btw) so we tried to be friends.

It pains me to read all the previous conversation that we had before. all those private messages on DeviantArt and some conversation that i deleted but stays in my head, since it's just too...geli, that it got stuck in some parts of my brain. How we are SOOOOOOO damn polite to each other! OMG!!! DISGUSTING!!!!! xD all those "ganbatte!!!" and "jn-chaaaaannnnn" *vomit blood* and now it's like... "omg bitch!!!" (of course mostly used by you~) "hey woman!!!!" "hoi!!" isn't it cool?!!!!! how we evolve! LOL!!!!

I still can't believe how long it has been since we met!!! 8D and now our life in college almost come to an end!!!

so like that lo! xD HAHAHA!!!

SELAMAT HARI JADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 years old omg!!! you are officially a free spirit now!!!

look at her~ so happy~~ AWWWWWWW. (photoshop was used for this picture *cough*) HAHAHA!!!

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