Thursday, March 11, 2010


got my very 1st aesthetics magazine today. it's the latest issue!! 8D yay for me! been wanting to have the magazine for so long T_T it's impressive how the magazine is free of charge! O_O seriously!! you can just take it if you see it lying around somewhere!!! (I don't recommend you to take people's one tho haha!) I want the previous volume seriously!! T_T

so I went to their website. kinda nice web. I think the only way to get their previous volumes are either depend on your luck, who knows maybe it'll drop from the sky or smthin' which is not possible. OR, go to their office =A= darnnit!!!!

so i kept surfing, and saw this section for readers to submit artworks. 8D *huge grin* so I want to try!! this is the piece that i decided to use.

tool: as usual, photoshopCS4
time: 4-5 hours

quite a random idea really. wanted to draw a girl + water yet again. (previously Phenomena piece had a girl + water too) yeah. nothing much i can say about this piece haha. had fun drawing this tho.

some w.i.p

yerr yerr~~!! xD

today marks the end of the official graduation campaign class!!!! YAY!!! but we will still have class. cis. xD but i don't mind.

more worried about FPS for now =A= sigh.


and I am poor 8D