Saturday, March 20, 2010

Neonite! Party nite!

well, I paid for the ticket, which is crumpled up somewhere on the floor already, RM30. Its a very cool event actually. what with all the people dancing, chatting, feasting, drinking, also some performances by PROFESSIONAL POLE DANCERS!! which i found extremely COOL!!!! O____O pole dancing is awesome seriously!!!!

there is also a Limbo competition. CONGRATZ Jo for winning it!!! (she's was our lecturer) xD and more drinking, and food. chatting with friends and lecturers. then there's a singing going on by our own batch people and also a special guess, I forgot what's her name...Tiffany? Britney?... sorry! but she got a GORGEOUS voice!! 8D

then there's dancing performance!! it was SUPERB! 8D eventhough the PA system was overheated, but the dancers remained professional till the end! BRAVO!

then DJs!! with turntables and awesome remixes! it was CRAAAAAZY!!! all the pretty girls moving their body to the music. wow! they can MOVE!!!! *rubs eyes* I'm glad i'm good at the evading technique! 8D whenever they wanna pull me onto the dance floor, I would be gone LOL! xD i ...can't dance orz.

8D YUP!!! kinda enjoyed it! hope there will be more? AHAHAHA! some low quality pictures u_u camera phone sorry u_u

good job people!!

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