Sunday, March 28, 2010

yesterday and today

huh, had fun yesterday, sorta. went for this Gamefest competition thing in MMU, Cyberjaya. joined the flash game competition but didn't win anything hahaha! i can see that all the games that we chosen are quite dark and have earth in em and ours don't even get any close toward earth and humankind destruction. oh the theme was Doomsday btw. so oh well. thanks to Aurelia and Yiwei too ;D

afterwards, went to the cinema to watch Alice in Wonderland. I ENJOYED IT! I probably went crazy inside whenever the White Queen appeared. I love how Anne Hathaway brought the character. She's awesome!! *bend fingers delicately* if I was given a choice to watch it again, i would say a definite yes to it. ;D


so i woke up at 1.30 today. sigh. have to prepare for the degree university interview tomorrow. but yet to have started anything!! 8D so I went youtubing instead. went to see some of the anime openings and endings by Gonzo that i've watched before. It really does bring back memories *wipe tears* lol so gonna put on some here, for sharing AND my future indulgence... thing. just incase I forgot all about this anime and songs, I can just dig it back from my blog ;D

awww, bakuretsu tenshi, the song still is nice to listen to! ... reminds me of the sad ending to the anime. demmit.

anything with gate or keeper interest me. LOL! those times i think i was glued to axn channel like... glue? =_= ;

VANDREAD IS JUST AWESOME. nuff said. the songs for their op's and ed's are perfect!!

I wish I can change body too ¬_¬

YEAH! COME ON!!!! *head bang*

last but not least. speed grapher. XD i remembered i was blown away when I saw this opening in Anime Tech I think. Don't rmmbr. but the anime was so so.

can't help wanting to laugh everytime the word "uninstall" came in. LOL!

there's a lot more, but this would do for now.
suddenly got the urge to play Suikoden =_= aaahhh~

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