Sunday, March 14, 2010

making of Young Warren Buffett

and he himself was not even there!!!!!!

ok, this post is seriously filled with rants and complaints xD I'm sorry if I offense anybody u_u

pronounce as Ba-phet (like pro-phet), seriously. I can never think of any other worst form of torture other than this!!! TRAUMA!! OAO I can't imagine how those people do it!! talk about investment, forex, portfolio... and other things!! I thought I am gonna die!!!!! it's like, a HUGE veil was put in front of my eyes! I can't see anything creative!!! OMG!!! i really thought I was gonna die!!!!!

we arrived there a bit late since we slept late 8D took taxi... arrived... feeling underdressed.. =_= REALLY underdressed. a lot of people wearing black colored suits. and we were wearing like wat, jeans, t-shirt, and for my part, bright blue colored shirt ;D and lovin' it! WE ARE DESIGNERS!! we don't do boring funeral clothes!! (no offense xD) so we pick seats that are quite near to the stage. sat down for awhile... feeling sleepy. then Doreen went out to get some coffee xD so we (me n orilia) were stuck in there, and they showed this corporate video with TRANSFORMERS soundtrack + clips from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL =_= right then, i just knew this talk is going to kill me. if only my jaw can drop, it'll fall to the ground and roll down the stairs. but I am a patient dude ;D so i stayed (and suffered) then....I went out. eat some hard sandwiches + tea. *sigh* then went back in again. wrote down some notes... then started to drift off.

the proof is a drawing of me, walking... and a bird. I found it more enjoyable than listening to the speakers talking about things that i can't understand, and cold life threatening jokes from the emcee. When it reached the part where she asked those people who wants to answer questions after each talks (and receive presents when ever they got it right), to say "I'm a young buffett..." before each answers, I started to block my brain from anything related to the event. I became a rebel. seriously. proof?

i drew portraits of my companions instead. (dun worry orilia, i didn't put in your awesome drawing here ;D cept for that one *points*) me. a rebel. can't believe it. then I fell asleep and not even feeling guilty. seriously. there's a part where they were talking about portfolios, but i really can't understand a sh*t. =_= their definition of portfolios are just different from us designers i guess.

don't get me started about lunch time! BAD MANAGEMENT!!! totally not organized!! and so much for putting ethics 1st to be in their kind of field, but cutting lines!! which part of that is ethical? fine!! whatever. so we took our food, no doubt la the food is kinda nice, but they don't even have enough spoons!! OAO SERIOUSLY!!! NO SPOONS!! i have to eat using fork. FORK!! imagine eating prawns with just a fork! (eventho i usually eat prawns wholly (?) calcium xD) argh!!! then we went back in the torture chamber again. I almost snap when the emcee asked us to stand up and put our hands in the air and yell "I'm a young Buffett!!!!!" *curse* which i happily DIDN'T oblige! i went 4 on my hands and feet on the ground instead (because my pen dropped actually xD) but yes... like hell I'm gonna put my hands in the air and shout that...that... DAMN!!! OAO living in the shadow of some old rich dude. omg. =_= i know la maybe they are just doing it for some, i dunno, motivational purposes, but when its been used frequently, i just can't stand it.

even worst when the emcee asked us to clap hands in order to measure the "awesome-ness" of the speaker. I'm like, OMG *facepalm* and the constant advertising for their company by the speakers (insurance, financial advice, etc) in each talk. very clever lo.

well, there are a few good points that i get... very few, and I can barely remember it, but still...

ah!! I am EXTREMELY GLAD to be where I am now!!!! can't imagine any place other than this! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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