Sunday, March 7, 2010

it's not over

ok cheesy title I know!!! but hey~ who cares *shrugs* sorry for the cheap looking background =A= ;;; wanted to draw proper leaves, but aaaahhh~ it's just a killing my time piece anyway. maybe the next one I will draw it properly. haha!

tools: photoshopCS4
time: ....several hours. 4-5 maybe?

posted this piece on deviantArt as well. I opened a new account, i don't think I've said this before, but yes, I've opened a new account. I am not ready to share it to all my friends yet. I have a certain goal to reach before I announce it. Not that people know me anyway =_= ;; heh. I just want to lay low, and start everything from scratch again. I won't want people to add me because I am their friend, but because I am worth their watch. yes.

I am sooo bored =_____= ;;; should be doing assignment!!!!!! OMG WTF!!!!!!! OAO *facepalm* ...k I'm out! u_u


  1. Oh this is niceee (the piece). If it was a wallpaper, I'd use it 8D really. Such a soft piece. Gives you that tinge of loneliness and the coldness of winter. Looks like a Korean Novel cover *slapself*

    oh i dunno about other ppl but I watch ppl for the art, even among friends. X"D;; I'm picky that way. And your art is one of the few that I always liked ever since the start. :"D Have more confidence nao! Learn from the past, Celebrate how far you've come and Look forward at how far you can go~!

    Love you babe X"D keep up the awesome artwork. woo! no i feel like drawing <3

  2. tenkiu babe!!!! ;__; terharu aku~ hahaha!!! xD KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!

    p/s korean novel cover?!! xD

  3. lawl anytime sayang <3

    pfft yeah 8D;;; those light novels... the cover usually soemthing like this lawl