Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthy Sunday

Went cycling with a bunch of human beings. (justin, lock, orilia, jacob, ying siew, szu jin) i felt healthy that day. Just that day orz.

so yeah.

pictures will do I think. Let's start with the haunted looking signboard...

The bicycle rope looking thingy (orz) kept falling. =A= thank god justin was there to repair it! 8D HEBAT! *tepuk tangan*

I had fun. I wish that I took a picture of the kelapa jelly drink. ish. then after all that fat burning exercise, we go add more fat u_u

everyone was dead beat

SQUARE ENIX!!... i mean RICE!!!!!! *kena tampar*

*tag* tom yam fried rice :9 mmm

YEAH!! had a very short healthy sunday!!!!! √√√√√√

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