Tuesday, March 2, 2010


did a visual for my college graduation campaign. Don't really have a specific title for it. Since the campaign theme is phenomenal, well, i just name it phenomenal. Concept behind it? hmm...ok, lemme share it a bit.

As a multimedia student, we deal a lot with gadget which has a lot of wires. So i made it look like the wires are tangled up around the girls head sucking out her brain juice in order to make a beautiful flower bloom. As for the water, she wants to drown in it to find peace, but feels a bit reluctant... and the fish symbolizes curiosity, wanting to know more! yeah... that sort of stuff ORZ

this piece of work looks more disturbing than phenomenal to me. HAHAHA! I did change the color and reduce the amount of blood dripping down!!! see! i am so considerate!! *slapself*

tool: photoshopCS4
time: 4 days on and off...

and i am hungry =_=

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