Thursday, March 25, 2010

not so fast

=_= seriously, what is suppose to be a quick work end up finished 1 day after =A= ; did a lot of experimenting on this piece. T_T still can't master the right way of coloring liquid man. ARGH! so frustrating!!!!! guy's skin color can be better but love how the girl's color turned out.

most importantly... I HAD FUN DOING THE BUILDINGS IN THE BOWL!!! but i suck at doing background!! @_@

tools: photoshopCS4
time: I have no idea =A= more than 10..? maybe

and oh!! it's Rui and Yui from Kamcao's mascot ;D a super duper ultra late piece, see how irresponsible member i am? ORZ!!! =_= decided to redo everything since the initial plan kinda suck when i look back at it. *rubs chin*

before~ homg so lame =A= ; and that's not even the full picture!

p/s Rui is LOVE

1 comment:

  1. lololol patut laaa X"D I saw this post and thought "they look like Rui and Yui" LAWL

    NICE sayang~ >8D <3 VERY nice~