Monday, March 15, 2010


I knew at an instance when i watched the movie "Hachiko:A dog's story", it will leave a very deep impression on me.

No, I am not gonna talk about the movie in this post (maybe just a bit), but the real life story of Hachiko.

A story about loyalty between a dog to it's owner. Hachiko a pure Akita breed, believed to have some connections with royalties (based on the movie), was brought to Tokyo by it's owner, a professor of some university. His daily routine was went out to work every morning, and came back in the evening by train. Hachiko will send him off every morning from home, and will wait eagerly for his master to return each day at the Shibuya train station itself. The routine continues until one day, the professor was attacked by stroke in the university. He died and never returned to the train station where his loyal companion waited patiently each day.

Hachiko was eventually given out to a new owner, but often escapes to get back to the train station, and wait for his master's return. Each day Hachiko waited for the professor. Each day, he did not see even a glimpse of his friend among the other passengers and commuters.

People who often saw Hachiko and the professor together, never stops nourishing Hachiko by providing food.

The wait lasted for 9 years and Hachiko only appeared precisely during the arrival time for the evening train. A bronze statue was build to remember his loyalty and devotion to his master.

Hachiko died on a street in Shibuya.

I am not even a dog lover but I was really touched and awed by Hachiko's loyalty towards his master. His master must've been one heck of a guy! It's just impossible to not cry when you watch the movie itself.

I learned a great deal about loyalty today, and all thanks to a dog. Makes me really wonder about humans' level of loyalties. hmmpph.

for those who never watch the movie, i super duper highly recommend it to you.

gnite everybody. gnite Hachiko.

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