Monday, February 22, 2010


LOL!!! xD this is so cool!!!

MAMESHIBA!!!!!!! xD can't stop laughing!!!!! there's quite a few more videos on youtube about this thing!!! HAHA!! SO CUTE!!! CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!

what are these...cute bean-dog looking thing?!!!!!

Is it a soy bean? Or is it a dog? It’s not exactly either. It’s a very strange, but very cute, creature that has the body of a bean and the face of a dog. It’s called Mameshiba. The Mameshiba family is made up of over 20 members, they have angelic faces and sweet voices, but the stories they tell will spoil any listener’s appetite... For instance, they might surprise you with a phrases such as this one: “You know what? When you kiss, 200 million bacteria are passed on from mouth to mouth each second.”

Originally, Mameshiba meant a young Shiba dog, the breed’s puppy. Mame is Japanese for bean and it’s also used to refer to something that’s small. For instance, when we talk about a short anecdote or a bit of trivia we call it Mame Chishiki. That’s how this dog-faced bean character who reports little anecdotes was born. -

what if I found 1?!! O_O


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