Saturday, February 13, 2010


wow. it has been decade since i update my blog!!! O_O well I am gonna update it now haha.

first and foremost, T_T R.I.P Alexander McQueen. no more authentic fashion design by him T__T aih. talented people always go early. R.I.P. R.I.P.

NEXT!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D especially to my dear dear friends and dear dear lecturers. may you all..........

HAHAHAHAH!!! can't help it! sorry!!

I couldn't go back during the holidays. which is a normal thing for me... *sigh* but i got to accompany chiakalok to her...well sort of annual cny dinner _-_ with me... so kesian ;_; coz she cudn't go bek a day early and have to pass on the family dinner thing.

so we decided to go to the curve. was thinking of going the The Apartment restaurant, but we picked Garden instead. It actually looks like Fullhouse, and it is also a lifestyle cafe. the exterior environment was nice, but since it's a smoking area, we chose to sit inside U_U which is oook~

i ordered some fish and chips which comes with a garden salad that was rather pathetic i have to say. the greens looks dead and the tomato...well I wouldn't call it a tomato since it's a very very VERY tiny slice which i mistook for a capsicum at 1st. the chip and fish was ok

price : RM17++

can you see the tomato? even if it was meant to be a garnish, at least make it recognizable u_u

chiakalok ordered some dory fish with butter and slices of pineapples (a very thin one) dish. the portion was small... it was so-so, but if you are extremely hungry, this dish is a no go.

price : rm 16+++

the service was good tho. the workers are very polite, but they took away our empty dishes to early. we still wanna use the fork to eat the chips =_= so end up we have to use our hands instead. oh well, it's just chips anyway.

afterwards, we walked around the curve and cineleisure. most of the shops are closed, since it's chinese new year i guess. bought unnecessary stuff... cept for Darren Shan's 8th book :D YAY! there are 4 more books to collect!! then my collection of Cirque Du Freak will be complete! *do victory dance*

so that's it for updates. I hope you guys will enjoy your holiday among the assignments.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!!!

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