Friday, February 19, 2010

Degree Dilemma

ok. i wanna rant. =_= i'm nearing the end of my (almost bearable) journey in my college, that is if I don't fail my final year. But there's still no solid decision for what I wanna do next! yes, i want to continue my study before i became old, decripit and my brain can't take in any new information anymore. but where? how? WHERE??!!! HOOOOWWW???!!!

met with the international office girl for 2 times, but I'm not convince with what she explained to me about the international affiliation my college offered. why? for 1 thing...

THERE IS NO COURSE RELATED TO VIDEO AND MOTION (and something in between) it's all interactive, web, interactive, web. I mean... hey! we learned other stuff too!!! not necessarily when we do Multimedia major, it's all about web and interactive!!! I don't even like web for god's sake!!! that's the whole point of me not taking Advance Web!!! it's just not fair!!! what happen to the Advance Video subject that we took? Advance Motion??! Game??!!! aahhh!! just thinking about this makes me dizzy!!

fine, some university like Uni. West England does offer BA(hons) in film studies (and other interesting ones), but according to the paper the international office lady gave to us, it's not one of the option that is open for us in Multimedia. I mean... WHAT THE HECK?! I do think Advance Video somehow relates to film studies! is it not?! ugh. the choices are extremely limited. Does that mean, if i wanna do, lets say, film studies (cough) does it mean i have to do it from 1st year?!! HEEEYYY!!! OAO I don't wanna put another 3 years of studies ahead of me!! my college is soooo not helping =_=

SECOND!!! I think, the international office lady should know more about this international related thing. from what I can see, she only knows about the affiliated unis, which I think is very... not resourceful. ask about affiliated uni, she can answer, but when ask about other international uni, then the "oh~ i am not sure. try and ask your lecturer about it" sh*t will come out. COME ON MAN!!! we don't expect you to have a superior knowledge on international uni! but at least know a bit or 2!! *rubs eyebrow* so vexing.

THIRD!!! the college should have more options on affiliated unis (cough) seriously very very limited =_= go make more "friends" la!!

ah. there is a lot more i wanna say here, but i forgot all the points. lol. see!! i am getting old and forgetful! should study 1st!!! YES!

I just can't understand my college. I think we do study web, flash, motion and video on the same length. all of those also have Advance!! but why are they prioritizing more on web and interactive?! T___T I just don't get it. Maybe it's because those subjects are hot. but that does not mean all of us would LOVE to take it. by the time we know it, the world will be filled with web and interactive people! aaahh... what a waste... in a way.


but then again, this is just my thought. wasn't meant to annoy anybody or hurt anybody... u_u

well there is the local Uni that can be consider... but T_T I want to for once in my entire life, see the outside world. widen my horizons a bit. see other cultures, learn a new different perspective, experience different weathers (u must agree this is a must xD).

so you guys have any idea what uni is good for undergraduates? do share. terima kasih!!




  1. ifa, if u wna know more bout international uni. especially in the UK, why dun visit the UK Edu. Fair.. :)

  2. ahn dee!!! UK edu fair huh? when is that gonna be i wonder? actually i'm more interested in going to Korea *cough* but i'll just take my chances and fill in any forms that i can get my hands on!!!

  3. don't tell me u like super junior too -.-

  4. no >_>

    korean video industry are quite ok actually. Their videos are very different, the color, the camera movement, etc. aah~ i wish i can go there *sparkly eyes* and the currency rates are lower 8D