Thursday, August 11, 2011

(ノ ´ヮ` )ノ *:・゚✧ new book shelf

:9 so i was cleaning up my room yesterday (was actually on a ladder cleaning my fan) when my mom told me the furniture people are coming. YAY!! 8,D i am happy!!!!! like finally! my own bookshelf! i never had one!!!! T v T so i am really happy ( ´` ) *:・゚ . PICTURES ARE IN ORDER! lol

HERE IT IS!!! went to 3 furniture stores & the last one had what i wanted!!! 8,D and it was the nearest to my house too OTL wow. couldn't believe my eyes/ luck/ everything!!! this cost 199 8,D and i thought it'd be more expensive since it very solid! and the wood is thick!!! imagine my surprise! 8,D

i brought along an artbook with me while hunting XD when ever i saw shelves that caught my eyes, i'll take out the artbook and put it on the shelf LOL!!! XD 1 or 2 salesgirl laughed when i did that. can't help it now can i? i must get the most perfect bookshelf or else! LOL! and that said artbook is the 1st book to be on my new shelf XD yes. it's Kazuaki's artbook LOL


finally i could take out all my mangas from their pathetic looking cardboard boxes -SOBS-

8,D RAGNAROK NNNGGGFFFHHH!! haven't read this for AGES!

also found this somehow inside 1 of the manga box. clow card. wow... i feel nostalgic now.

8,D almost filled up the whole shelf now OTL i've reserved the top row for artbooks/ design books/ and that top most right corner for mushishi/ doukyusei/ sotsugyousei etc etc LOL XD now it's filled with things i'm just too lazy to arrange properly (눈ㅂ눈) heh

only my one piece and dragon ball manga collection is on the 2nd row 8D since i love em so much. other mangas are at the bottom part of the shelf. heh heh heh XD

i need an extra shelf or 2 for my files & folders back during college years :T got nowhere to put em. no i'm not gonna put em on this shelf D8 -GASP-

i also changed 1 of the orange lightbulb in my room!!! WHEEE!! no more squinting like hell when i'm drawing on my bed!!!!! 8,D so i felt very productive last night and did all these drawing down there.

lin seonu

lin seonu from mong hwan baek seo manhwa. i looove this manhwa so much T v T to the point where once i even slept with the manga in hope of having a dream about the hot main character LOL i just don't get why they stopped publishing this in english ) : well! life goes on! gonna try & ink this someday.

did some persona 4 stuff too. (doodles this at 4 in the morn) :9 twas fun! decided to focus on yosuke this time. maybe i'll do another version with persona 3... focusing on uhh.... i dunno... aegis maybe.

still haven't draw out that victorian themed idea i have. tsk! i am easily distracted D8

aaaannddd last but not least, another sotsugyousei. yes... i am crazy about this series OTL what can i say hahahaha

drawn in my sketchbook and later inked with pen :9 it was fun!!!!

YEAP!!! THAT'S IT!!! ( ´` ) *:・゚

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