Friday, August 19, 2011



AAAUUUGGGHHH AUSTRIA & SPAIN FROM HETALIA!!! AAAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!! spain was a definite choice no doubt about that. but i was torn between austria & prussia & hre & chibitalia 8,D but i guess Austria caught my heart. LOLOL he is sexy demmit! LOOK AT HIS AHOGE!!!! *swoons*

SPAAAIINN AAHH SPPPAAAIIINNN 8,D~~~ it has been one of my dream to own you... well basically to own any Hetalia OCF AAUUGGHHH!!! now if only i can get my hands on Romano 8,D i'd be happy as hell

and to get Austria too... i can't believe my luck OTL *sense of impending doom looming* but yeah. this is the last time i'm buying anything 8,D i still have to pay some stuff off. oh god OTL
BUT NONETHELESS!!!!!! I AM STILL EXTREMELY HAPPY 8,D got myself a hole in my wallet, but a happy smile n my face -weeps + smile forever-

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