Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~The Sky of the Longing for Memories~

8,D MY BOOK ARRIVED TODAY!!! what a pleasant surprise!! totally didn't expect it to come today! Kinokuniya really weren't kidding with that "2 working days" statement LOL

everything arrived in 90-95% good shape. my outer jacket is a bit wrinkled and my mom's vampire diaries box set cover has a slight tear at the bottom. but all is well. if only the shipping price is not so friggin expensive 8,D i'd be ordering books from kino everytime pfftttt

I remember during college years, everytime, everytime i see this book on the shelf in the library, i was tempted to snuck it out of the library tsk. so finally i owned it. twas a close call (ok maybe not) between shigenori soejima's artwork and this, but i decided i need more landscape sort of books than characters. so yes. i am satisfied! just 1 thing tho, if only the size of this book is as big as kazuaki's artwork T v T it'll be even more ossum. oh well!!! managed to flip through the book (*swoons*) so a bit of pictures! i know there are TONS of websites featuring this lovely artbook with fantastic reviews, but for my own record, i'm still gonna post some pictures up 8D but not gonna do any reviews since a lot of other web has done it before. so google it! LOL

( ´` ) *:・゚excuse my major inconsistency in picture editing teeheeeee the colors are like so different for each picture i don't even OTL

personal favorite piece so far. fell in love with this classroom hallway in late afternoon picture. feel so, melancholy for some reason 8,D i wanna be in this scene.

even though he uses reference from real pictures to create his work, he added his own godly touch that makes the entire book even more... nnggghhh... GODLY LOL his color sense is really good 8,D wish i could have a good color sense as him too!!!!!! i shall work harder!! -THUMB-

size is abt the same with tekkon kinkreet artbook O v Q aahh to have 2 godly talented masters' books, i hope their talent will rub on me just a little bit LOL

( ´` ) *:・゚ i am a very happy person right now

shall look at each pages thoroughly tonight -wipe tears- 8,D how long will it take me to be this good??!!!

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