Monday, September 1, 2008

Selamat berpuasa!!

8D well it's fasting season again!! selamat berpuasa guys!! let's try and do more good deed during this holy month! xD

so today i went out with my sister.. everywhere i go there will be this lagu hari raya playing. kinda gets on my nerves. why? well... the fasting season just started!!!! like wth!!! they're just eager for the celebration part!! when actually, this Ramadhan is more important than raya eve! (Syawal month) omg... i just can't stop saying "har?! lagu raya already?!! puasa baru saja mula!!!" near the shop that's playing raya songs..hahaha...feel guilty.. but it's the i dun care *roll eyes* xD

been listening some classical piano songs lately... mostly those simple and famous songs like 'chopstick' , 'canon in d', 'heart and soul' and some Frederic Chopin's nocturnes~ (so calming)... which inspired me so so so much!! so i tried asking my mom bout the piano class and piano that she promised me IF i ever get an A in my exam..WHICH i got more than 1 A (hey i never get any before ok~ Dx) so she said "well..go and find over there la! (sunway) maybe can get cheaper one~" OwO so yeaaa.... i think i better get some digital piano or something... cheaper and more convinient well at least for 'beginner' like me. I haven't touch the instrument for a very very very very very long time already!! so i decided to start from the beginning. again. but i dunno... see 1st la~ got the feeling i won't have enough time. *sigh* GANBARE!! xD



  1. lol~ sblm merdeka lagi kt sermban dh dgr lagu raye. xDD *its the usual la, every you dont know la*

    [kamcao got forum now? :D]

  2. olala : i feel..... overly poor suddenly... OTL lll

    kryn : xD yeaa..macam tu lah malaysian..*sigh* p/s YEAP!! xD it's kinda new~ baru pindah~ and kinda cute xD (at least fer me) jemputlah singgah~~! xD

  3. ostentatious ifa... o.O okaayy...

  4. olala : APA?!!! GOT PROBLEM AR!!? >=O

  5. have fun fasting!

    i have a bit of a collection when it comes to piano pieces. my music teacher used to make me buy lots :D

    i can pinjam you if you'd like

  6. joyce : HOMG!!!! I WOULD LOVE TOO!! well.. IF i can get myself an instrument 1st.. OTL

    but thanks for the offer!!!!! xDDD