Thursday, September 4, 2008

my piano

since i was 5.. we've had it since i was 5 years old and it's a yamaha. and now it is no longer ours. my mom told me "just now... u didn't say goodbye to your piano." (because they were moving stuff from our previous house to the current house) and i was...i don't know... somehow i wasn't surprised. so i asked her back "why?", "it was sold" she said, smirking. (darn her! xD) so i asked again "who bought it? fer how much?" she said the guy is a teacher. he told her that he only have a keyboard, so with buying the piano, he felt complete xD somewhat like that xD and he bought it for RM7500.
well.. i'm happy with the news. why? 1st i'm happy with the price because the piano had been a great instrument since we had it and i know the new owner won't be dissappointed with it!! it's just that we don't appreciate it much. which brings us to reason no2. it got itself a new owner, i hope it'll serve the new guy better and the guy will take care of it more than we did. the piano deserves it!! 3rdly.. i'm glad the teacher love the piano. my mom told me so. she said, the teacher played it and he said "oh! it still sounds nice!!" i'm glad and happy with it!! i'm sure he will love it as much as i do and maybe more!! 4th, well...WE'RE GOING TO GET A NEW PIANO!!!! xDD WHEEE!!!!!

i'll certainly miss that piano... i will really miss it.

...i will really miss it ;A;

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