Friday, September 26, 2008

Alice in wonderland~!

well more like carrot land pfft xD so i almost finish constructing the graphic on the same day i posted my recent post (really sook chiung!! OAO) so here's how..err... well... here's how basically it'll look like xD ;


well..the background i still haven't figure out what to put.. hmm so i put that ugghh color there xD i think i need to enhance alice a bit. can't really see her hand. i wanna make her hand to sway as if she's flying xD and err... the 2 cards up there looks like it's overlapping... actually 1 of the card was falling down (LOOPING!! OwO) so i guess i snapshot it when it was passing thru the other card~ oh well~

still have't put a floating cheshire cat in there xD oh yea and i'm thinking of putting mad hatter's hat only xD LOL!! but 'fraid it'll be a tad crouded..? i'll see what i can do today...ok maybe tonight xD



do i have to make a new function for every stuff? (ex: carrot, clouds, watch...) ....i shud try and but hey~ sometimes instant answer is good xD lalala


design method2 presentation was over!! 8D happy desu~ so i finally bind my storybook....or storycard whatever OTL got a bit of mistakes during binding. (i forgive you vision art kakak xD) here's how it look like!!!

look at the small size for the cover & the typo OTL i edit it & printed it out once money... ish!! but hey... xD so far... 2 people wanna buy it from me LOL! i duwan!! xDD it's all original watercolour work in there...almost die doing it... but i had fun~ TTwTT at least i need not looking at pc screen for this one 'cept fer the cover xD whee~~

got some other works that i like oso!! ex.. i like zakh's video~ fun to watch~ and zermi's video "PIBANG!!PIBANG!!PIBANG!!" wth! if really got fart sound like that... nobody will dare to fart man xD i like ee wen's material for the bag with the egg inside. i oso like lock yi's packaging! omg!! u guys are soooo creative!!!! i feel depressed suddenly..... OTL

duwanna blog d!! *slapself* xDD

ANYWAY!! so my dad called.. asked me bout my raya preparation. yeah rite... raya preparation *sigh* tho he asked me to buy some baju raya... well.. what's the point in that if i'm not goin to wear it anywhere? TAT guess i'll just stay at home... do nothing...or maybe do assignments~ boo!!! what a raya!! pfft. well...i think i'm gonna get myself a pair of new shoe. yeap... talking of shoes.... i think i better go!! wanna drop a visit at basheer & borders today... IF the plan is still on xD


  1. nice graphics!

    I like the way you composite the elements and the thoughts you have for the story. I'm fine with the art direction. Just remember that it's still not successfully create the depth in the scene. This link back to you problem of feeling crowded on the screen.

    When everything are equally big, equally fresh and contrast in colour, the depth of view is weaker.

    You can consider some objects being further away (use the saturation, scale to create the illusion). The contrast of the object can be stronger.

    Regarding the functions, I'm not quite sure about your questions. But I believe you can handle it. It's similar to the example we did in class. Of course you can come to me if you have any problem.

  2. *cough* no wonder looks too crouded...*COUGH* and i still haven't add the PURPLE CAT!!! HOMG!! OAO

    xD yeaa~ i solved the prob d!