Wednesday, September 3, 2008

puppet potter

xD ok... i'm not sure how many of you people out there knows about this, regardless it has been on youtube for a very long time already... but i stumbled upon these series of videos just recently xD all about harry potter xD it's gay~ LOL not... THAT kind of gay... well... maybe just a bit *cough* but nothing explicit ROFL and i just HAVE to share it with u guys!! xD

it's like..spoof.. just in a cartooney puppet way... kept me laughing for quite some time xD makes my day better for once *roll eyes*





recommendation rates are based on the amount of stars infront of the video title~ xD

LOL at voldemort xD LOLOL at snape!! LOLOLOL at dumbledore!! xD hahahahahahahah!gosh!! they need to do more of this wicked stuff man!!! xD especially those animation! credit to the creator!

TwT holiday almost at an end... *sigh* ..... *SIGH*!!!

nothing else to say...

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