Thursday, September 4, 2008

here i come

lately it has been raining x3 i love the weather!! i always sit on the sofa, facing the door and look at the trees swaying left right...and the wind~ carrying the smell of the rain with em... mmm... i love this house... TwT i love to sit facing the balcony with the big door open... looking at the gray clouds... smelling the rain.... *slapself* ANYWAY!!!!

TAT sigh... so more college for me this coming week... NOOOoooOOOooOO!! somehow this college life is FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR different from what we watch in tv. far far far different... LOL. college life suppose to be fun!!! OAO ain't it suppose to??!! DANG!! it's not like i find my college life... gray~~ or something like that... but it's just... i dunno... something is missing!! i can't really seem to.. you know.. face the whole idea wholeheartedly!! ... lack of ethusiasm!!!!!!!! OxO

....well maybe because i'm packing my stuff tonight xD so feeling a bit...ugh~ xD hah!! going back on saturday TwT *sigh* .... sighing all the way... i hope i pass last term... and i hope i pass this coming term too!!!! can't wait to finish the whole diploma course!! OAO

TOA shud have a campus man!! it'll be better.. A LOT better!!! compound, cafeteria, .... compound *cough* with trees~~ ... and trees... and more trees....well... i guess i just have to...BERUSAHA!!! i have to make my room homey!!! (which is now...far from that...) hmm... feel like buying extra pillow... those fluffy ones~~ xD hahaha!! and i still haven't buy bed sheets!! OAO well..proper bed sheets.. don't get the wrong idea here now! xD and still need to buy curtains... yes... curtains.. and shampoo... and food!! and it's fasting season!!! OAO HOMG!!! as you guys have known~ i moved... and the distance between school and my house is a tad bit further away than it used to be, so yeaa.. i hope i can BERTAHAN!!!! i'm more worried of getting thirsty than hungry.. dang!! ..... ok.. i'm beginning to talk crap here xDD hahahaha!! well.. happy new term guys!!!

p/s i hope i pass!!! OAO SERIOUSLY!!!!

pp/ss (lol) my dad made the best spaghetti EVER!! OAO i didn't noe!! (will get up late night and scoop couple of spoon of spaghetti sauce xD addicting!)

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