Sunday, September 14, 2008

of sumo and....

SO!!! i did a mind map on my web design topic to get a more clear idea on what i wanna do for my 1st project. here goes...

my concept probably will be like... stuff on japanese decorated table. so it's like the audience will be looking at d top view of MY table~ (a sumo wrestler's i wonder how it'll look like xD)

so there will be 4..maybe 5 buttons...i mean... links.

1 - about me
2 - history (how it all happen...hey...the 1st female sumo wrestler pfft.. shud be in history man!)
3 - of sumo and... all those normal stuff that i do. food, fashion, friends, hobbies all in MY point-of-view~
4 - tips and tricks LOL! or maybe all the awards i've won *cough*
5- paper sumo origami!! xD

so my idea is that the ..err.. ornaments? i mean the thing on the table will change according to the link that we clicked. i'll be like.. fer example; about me table there will be a simple flower, or bonsai, some calligraphy pen and all that. then if u click the paper sumo origami link, all the stuff on the table will change into origami papers, glue and all that. xD izzit too...typical? lol! i feel like doing all the stuff by hand...draw it!! yeah!! xD and i've been thinking of making it move horizontally, make it look like it's a long table see... but then Chong or was it Joanne... well they said the idea was very... "famous" with the seniors last time ORZ!! so i dunno... have to ask fer their oppinion then huh?

so basically that's my idea...


so i've heard there's this nice french movie about a girl who appreciates stuff not like how we do it xD she enjoys putting her hand in grains sack, looking at the dark faces of people in theatre, and all those little details~

Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain is a great movie!! well i'm sorry for being such an outdated person *cough* but what can i say xD thanks fer my classmate wee seng (sorry if i spelled wrongly!!!) for introducing this movie to me!! xD it is an awesome movie!!!!! and Audrey Tautou ish cute~~~ awww!!!!!!! it is a must see movie!!! i'll give it 5/5!! x3 creatively done!! sweetly told!! THUMBS UP! x3

well sorry for all the Amelie pic xD she's just too cute!!!! ~ for those who haven't watch it... well... WATCH IT!!! xD

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