Friday, September 5, 2008

true blood

"friends don't let friends drink friends blood"
hahahhahaha xD i found this highly amusing the 1st time xD it's a new series by HBO.

-"True Blood" is based on a world created by novelist Charlaine Harris centered on Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) a girl with one hell of an awful name and an awful accent, but a body worth staring at for 60 minutes so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Sookie is a waitress at a bar in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and instead of focusing the story on a bunch of hillbilly love trials and tribulations, vampires enter the picture.-

xD like WTH!!! I almost scream saying that this series is a rip-off from TWILIGHT!! but then... the book came out 1st... so... maybe it insired Stephenie Meyer or something. but then again, if Twilight is a sweet-innocent-romantic love story between a teenage girl and a 100++ yr old vamp... True Blood will be something like that...cept that it's... not innocent. "Toss in vampires, a ton of sex, violence, nudity and the promise of werewolves and I am sold... at least for now" - 'ropeofsilicon'

OAO should be rated 18sx if it was me!!! LOL!!! and hey!!! the main girl protagonist can read minds!!! bother... well... since holiday almost ends... which means, i won't be watching tv for... a long time~ will be opening my eyes for the series on youtube or something xD hahaha . vampires~ what can i say~

and the difference between true blood and twilight is... hey~ the vamp in true blood is all about publisity xD ahahahaha!! talk shows~ CONGRESS!! OoO like wth!!! xD interesting~ AND!! they don't hunt animals xD their own drinks sold at shops. LOL!! and it's called "TRU-BLOOD" hahahahahahaha!! xD to make it more was invented by the japs~ xD HOMG! i seriously wanna watch it!! xD

well... edward will always be in my heart~~~ *melts* xD hahahaha!!
i love red colour 8D have i mention this b4? 8DDD hehehe


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