Tuesday, September 9, 2008

small yet strong

so the 1st day of class started d~ (WEB DESIGN LECTURER AND TUTOR! SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU GUYS IMMEDIATELY WANNA SKIP TO THE PROJECT PART xD hahaha!! i wanna rant a bit :D) so anyway!! TwT i checked my result on monday .. and i'm very happy with it!!! *cries* i got 4As and 2Bs... it's the best result i've ever got so far!!! *wipe tears* been thinking of telling my dad at night, but he caught me immediately xD so i have to tell him that morning LOL!! i know my mom is happy with my result and that makes me even happier! i hope i'll do better this term!!! GANBARE!!!!



so!! our project one is all about building a website...using the most HI-TEC tool like what our lecturer told us... NOTEPAD!!!! ROFL!! hahaahahaha!!! but hey!! i think it's cool to type all the html stuff!! so far, i understand all the stuff he teaches~ yay! but it's only the 1st can't really say anything yet~!

so for my project 1, i have to build a website for myself, where i will be a SUMO WRESTLER!!! HOMG!! xD DOOMED!!!! it's a very interesting thing i got here!!! so far... no really clear ideas yet.. but the 1st few things that i think about was the japanese paper sumo game and food...LOL! i also think about grounds shaking. Maybe my website can be in neutral colours!! those soft soil colours...with a hint of sakura petals?

lol!! l'arc en~ciel kamizumo xD that's the name in japanese. paper sumo 8D maybe i can make something like... a story of a sumo wrestler~ but in a paper sumo form? hmm... well i'm not sure yet!! more research!! 8D


so tmrw's class... digital design 2 (EDIT's DIGITAL MEDIA 2 *cough*). 5pm-9pm....WHY?!!!!! OAO why is the class at night?!!! how to berbuka puasa!!!!?? OAO HOW??!!! bring food to class izzit? OAO OMG! and dun have transport to go home at night!! TAT omg... didn't they consider this 1st before making the timetable? not all the students in toa is SUPER DUPER RICH!! OAO I DON'T EVEN HAVE A FRIGGIN' BICYCLE WEI!!!!! OMG!!!! *rolls away*


  1. wah congrats on your results!
    i only manage to get 3As :| sigh. MUST WORK HARDER!!

    i wish we could combine our webdesign class with yours T_T
    then no need to go to coll on sat.

  2. OAO come and join our class lor!! i think can wan bah! just give some strong reason...they will give one~!! >=O let's BERUSAHA THIS TERM!!!!!!!