Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alice or Mr.Rabbit?

*COUGHCOUGHCOUGH!!* i post this late xD lalalalala~~ >A> sorry lecturers~ ;A; was rushing my 20 pages of watercolour storybook for design method2 class ;A; lll SORRY!!!!!! tmrw presentation somemore... ;A; ll need to come to school early somemore... need to present infront of juniors somemore!!! HOMGWTHORZBBQAYAMRENDANG!!!!! feel like jumping of a building =A= ll

ANYWAY!! back to the main topic here.. so i've been thinking of making Alice in Wonderland theme. but instead of alice, it'll be the rabbit...flying towards the moon xD (oh! we're doing this based on "fly me to the moon" song..) so the "moon" will be the rabbits pocket watch~ .... but somehow i feel like drawing a girl with rabbit ears _-_ lalala~ .... basic sketches.. (i don't have scanner by this i used pc camera rofl! xD)

Mechanical looking Alice..or Rabbit in wonderland OTL ...i think i shud do Alice instead lah!! ish!! RITE!! =_= ;

my design method2!! rush this like hell man!!

some pictures of the inside story..OH!! i'm doing a storybook by the way!! i won't talk much bout it until the presentation is over~ so yeaa~

page err... 9-13 ... read it from left to sequence~ top 1st, then bottom 8D

RIGHT!! i better do work!! drat!

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  1. Hi ifa, beautiful character sketches. But the elements to create scenes and background is too little to see.

    Idea wise is cool. Have planned about the flying looks like? Please convert graphics into digital and speed up so that you can have more time to script it :)