Sunday, September 28, 2008

random work

haaa... so i finished my figures..._-_ then procrastinate again LOL.. i did this CG piece after that.

medium : open canvas3.0+ , and photoshop for the textures (cant really see the textures xD)
time : ... err... 1hour++ ?
inspiration : .... i was thirsty so yeaa....and still am..
songs : random anime song...

gosh..i have't draw using computer for a long time already!! O_O i'm getting even sucky-er now. lalalala~ she's siting on a roof top btw. actually i draw that part randomly then "HEY!! it looks like a rofftop!!" so yeaa u__u ;

i went to ACGC yesterday in mid valley... it's quite small OTL i thought it'll be like...very happening and all that..but nope, not really... so yea. drop by my group's booth, and Kidchan and Toonikun's booth xD bought some stuff there.

their work so nice~ i hate u guys xDDD

i also bought some anime soundtracks! xD rm10/cd wei! so i took 2~

Gatekeeper soundtrack lol ...ol' anime...

and cowboy bebop : BLUE

i have yet to listen to both of em properly ~ i will later on~ then i bought a new shoe!! at sunway pyramid tho. 50% discount so yeaa ~ i need some shoe oso~

rm32.40 ..i think

so yeaa...i also bought a book X-FUN i think, at borders. got typography stuff inside. kinda interesting. have yet to read properly oso xD hahaha. Actually i wanna buy the Neo japanese design book, but out of my budget. well maybe next time! 8D i got a free 20% discount coupon too!!

so yeaa...basically that's it for my saturday.


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