Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd year, 2nd term

wow... i'm in this year already??!!! OAO my mom keep asking me.. but i answered wrongly xD (ok..actually i answered i dunno) *cough*

so anyway... i went to my sister-in-law's place during holiday~ it's in Kuala Penyu. it is a very pretty place!! my parent went there to discuss some stuff with the in-laws x3 they're so nice!! they even invite us to go there anytime we want so we can catch some...seafood near the beach~! THEY LIVE NEAR THE BEACH!!! xD well our house here in kk is also near the beach...but it is totally different man!!! their beach is where all the delicious living creature lives!!! and ours is like...ugghh...pretty...but...yeaa...modern beach OTL anyway!! so my sister-in-law fetch us some fresh coconut juice!!! OMG!! she opened it by herself man!!! OAO SHE'S STRONG!!!! village girl i guess TwT i envy her...

i like my sis in law..but my good for nothing brother doesn't know how to appreciate her.. t(_ _t) him... so, back to the story here... my dad came and help her after that xD can say the way the do it are soooo different!! my dad's coconut was so... tidy and clean looking xD but my sis ones.. a bit...*cough* so i laugh at her xD but still she's strong!! that's what amazes me more...

so during holiday...i almost died out of boredom. kept pestering my mom and dad whether they got any novels that i can read or something. i rmmbred my mom used to have lots of romance novel xD hahahaha! but she lost it. so i asked my dad... and he started giving me all those...religious books SWT! Dx "you better read these books than those fictions" ahem.. of course i only hold it for awhile...i'm not a very pious human being!! xD omg... i feel guilty suddenly...ughh...skip skip!!

KKIA (kota kinabalu international airport) have a new look!!! OwO still not many people over there man!! so it was a smooth procedure traveling from there back to sunway xD hahaha!!

it almost look like KLIA _-_ why can't they design it differently? boo~ tho the building looks cuter than KLIA xD hahaha! so yeaa~ i'm back in sunway~ TxT doesn't really feel... bersemangat sigh.. well...BERUSAHA!!!!

my niece ROFL!! can't resist putting her picture here!! xD she's a brat... she only wants my dad. darn her. if she cry...there's no stopping it till my dad carry her... sheesh... she even call my dad "abah" fer god sakes! xD she's like my dad's daughter already xD hahaha!! (dad : " were like that when u were young also...") OAO WHERE GOT!!!!

can't wait for the next term break!!

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