Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day? i don't think so...

well... I'm not really the type of person to celebrate this kind of celebration. It's as if saying that this is the only day we should tell our mother how we love her and all that. I think it's a total pish posh. mother's day, father's day...and what next? uncle's and aunt's day? 

i still couldn't find it in me to say "happy mother's day" to her. if i did... well... it'll add up my list on the hypocritical thing that i have done. I love my mother, and i appreciate her, and I don't have to wait for mother's day to say it. and that's just me. pathetic? xD HAH!!! I DON'T THINK SO!


and no mediocre celebration gonna remind me for what i have carved into my heart and soul!
but then again... it could be that this day was created to remind us much more about our parents...? I am 1 confused human being =_= 

ANYWAY!!!!!~~ 8D ZeeAvi's song titled MONTE was featured in the season finale of Private Practice. amazing~!! you go girl!!! 8D

class starts today... and lastly I still wanna say Happy Mother's day to everybody. (well~ people do celebrate it~ so what the heck _-_ )


wth!!! O_O I went to my youtube page (yes ._. i do have 1... ahem!) no i won't tell you what video i posted =_= ;;;. i just realized there's like tons of positive remarks! O_O OH MY GOD! i'm touched ;A; but sadly, I stopped posting like almost 4-5 years ago O_O well.. maybe i should start again... but maybe post something other than what i used to post... but what??!!! O_O

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