Friday, May 29, 2009

ifa's life : 83 *lip shivering*

8D so I was bloghopping the other day, and there's just too much of those blog filled with the lip shivering smile!!! 

ok ok... still don't get it? xD i mean those who took picture of themselves with those SO DAMN HARD TO DO SMILE!!!!! OAO the one that make people feel painful just by looking at them? xD LOL!!! (the one those so called camwhores smile? LOLOL) 

I'm just not ment for those kind of smile~ xD believe me... I tried! xD it made my lips shiver an tremble horribly! xD hahahahahahahahaha! it's kind of interesting really what people can do with thier lips just to look... err... cute and adorable in a still picture xD

here's part of wat really happened...almost...

ahem... yeah....

so that's me... and karo WITHOUT makeup... she look horrible. *LAUGH* KIDDING LA!! xD Karo always look pretty anytime of the day *do lip shivering smile* LIP CRAMP!!!! haha!!

p/s prefer those real smile. look more sincere and innocent in a away. and it's just... honest.


MM GOT GAME event today was spectacular! will update on it on my next post!!!



  1. i kick u let u fly far faaar!!!!! rmbr we live under the same roof!!!! D<

    it was painful to see u forcing urself to smile like that!!! u look "yong shoi"!! HAHAH! 83 *lips shivering smile*

  2. xD jahanam!!! xD you look even yong shoi-er than me ok!! 83

    next comic will be how u look like before and afte make up >3> pfft!!!

  3. SLAP YOU LA! i also din wear makeup to college sometimes...and i still look as pretty as when i had makeup on!! >D

    *slap self for self-praising*

  4. you didn't wear make up sometimes?! .... no wonder....


    *laugh hard* JOKING LOL!!!!! 83 *shiver*

  5. apa lip thing?
    tak faham.

    ifa!!!! demonstrate on tuesday XD

  6. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OAO KARO CAN DO IT BETTER THAN ME!!! ASK HER!!!!

    i do until lip cramp! dun dare d LOL!!! xD