Thursday, May 21, 2009


xD ok ok... so I just installed series of CS4 softwares and I was playing with photoshop and paint this pic in ...err...less than 15min? hence the crappy anatomy and drawing and coloring! xD woohoo!! I ROCK! xD

hoho! xD kecacatan yang sangat ketara dalam lukisan ini~ lalala~ oh well~ my hand is getting harder..i mean stiffer already u_u i miss those days where drawing and cg-ing is like my next favourite thing other than study..... YEAH RIGHT! xD

then karo appear.. "IFA!!! draw me in retarded way!!!!!" ...I tell you man... this woman is weir.. i mean.... unique *cough* xD so I was like... "yeah sure~" and VOILAA!!!!

special appearance by Encik Bulan 8D ladumdum~~ 

wanted to update on something else... but not now. it's not the rite time i think...



    karo looks so cuteee in this pic

    i feel like karo in real life scares me more

  2. WHAT?? i'm cute and friednly and helpful and pretty in real life ok!!