Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zee Avi

8D so I was on the plane back to Sunway and I was reading the Going Places when i stumbled across an article related to a girl called ZeeAvi or more known by her Youtube name KokoKaina. She posted videos of herself singing to her own songs which have this very melancholy, smooth, relaxing tones to it. But i didn't knew that before I reached home. So while on the plane, i kept reading and re-reading that article until i reached KL xD the thing that caught my eye (make it 2 eye 8D) was that she's releasing her self titled album! and i LOVE the overall feeling of her album (eventhough there's only 1 picture on that article, which is the cover) but it really caught my eyes xD

so here I am now, researching on her! 8D

Zee Avi (also known as KokoKaina) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter and musician. Her song "No Christmas For Me" is featured on Brushfire Records's 2008 Christmas album This Warm December. She was discovered as a result of years of posting videos on youtube under the moniker KokoKaina. Her single 'Bitter Heart' is currently available on the US iTunes store, and her full self-titled debut album will follow on May 19th. - WIKIPEDIA

"Born in Borneo and now based in Kuala Lumpur, 23-year old Zee Avi is the first female artist signed to Brushfire Records/Monotone. She was discovered by Raconteurs drummer Patrick Keeler, who liked a video she posted of herself on YouTube enough to send it to his manager Ian Montone (White Stripes, Raconteurs, The Shins, Vampire Weekend). As Zee puts it, next thing she knew, she was on a plane to LA to record her engaging debut record, due out in May.
She’s small in stature, but her voice is a surprisingly powerful retro throwback to some of the female artists she cites as influences: Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. But backed with her acoustic guitar or ukulele, it’s Ella in a hammock, or Billie sipping mai tais — there’s a tropical breeze here that makes me want summer to hurry up already."

her album!!! MAY 19th!!! i hope they will sell it in Malaysia!! OAO I will buy it!!

video and introduction on Zee Avi

her single Bitter Heart official vid

her voice is exquisite~ i love the feeling... ;w;

this video RIPPED and STOLE my heart away!!!!! the melody, the lyrics is just amazing!!

Words and Music by Koko Kaina

No, there won't be Christmas for me this year
For the simple reason being you're not here

There won't be eggnogs by the cozy fire
There won't be glasses of mulled wine either
There won't even be a Christmas tree
'cause you're not here to light it up with me

Oh, Santa honey, won't you bring my baby back to me?
'cause i miss him, yes, i miss him oh so dearly

I haven't sent him his Christmas card
'cause that would mean we really are apart
The Christmas stockings are as empty as my heart

I know you're away doing something good
But just this once, baby, if you could
You know you can, and you know should
'cause Christmas won't be Christmas...

without you

Two days to Christmas and i'm still waiting outside
Wishing upon a star that you'll be coming home tonight
But it was cold, it was getting late
Sadly, i crept back into bed
But then i felt a soft kiss on my cheek
I opened my eyes, and there my baby was...

with me!

My baby came back for me
Merry Christmas, baby

there are loads of other vids of hers on youtube. Just search "KokoKaina" and VOILAA!! 8D but because I feel extremely generous tonight...I'll put the link here 8D

her official youtube - kokokaina
her official web -
her myspace - zeeavi.myspace

you can listen to all her songs on myspace 8D

yeap~ that's it~ SUPPORT LOCAL ARTIST!!!! eventhough she's currently not in Malaysia LOL!! xD

....kutuuuu~~ 8D

p/s Karo said this girl looks like me LOL!!! 

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