Friday, May 22, 2009

you know~the usual stuff...

8D so... actually this post was created due to my procrastination habit. ("anything but work!" is my other motto LOL) I've got nothing to say really in particular... spend my time yesterday with Aurelia and Steven (he doesn't even know my name... =_= ) playing RockBand2! it was awesome and I felt awesome! tried playing the guitar 8D which i think I'm a bit good at... tried the bloody drum (which i totally suck at playing) and sing~ which I enjoyed more than the guitar and obviously the drum 8D well.. I know my voice is like a chocked frog, but It was fun nonetheless xD then we played some other games. I beat aurelia in a fighting game 8D which I'm super uber happy till wanna die d (IN YOUR FACE ORILIA!!! IN YOUR FACE~~!) xD lalalalla~ xD i think the game was called rag doll kung-fu, plastic face. After all the joystick spinning, and body jumping and hand swishing and screams~ we watched our man Steven *sound of distant cheering at the back* play his shooting games~ he totally rock LOLOL xD

well honestly, after not playing Playstation or other types of consoles for a long time, my hands got a little bit stiff. But I'm glad I still got my gamer instinct in me. Used to breath, eat, drink and sleep game once. xD I doubt people will believe me if I told em this. People just grew up which includes me too. I think, my passion for anime, manga is slowly leaving me. Replaced by a new interest in videos, blogs, vlogs, and all those graphic-ky stuff xD but it is still there somewhere. Just like games. A bit lazy to play... but once I hold the joystick, it's like my childhood experience and my love of games revisited me again xD and I can't seem to take it out of my head! O_O i think... i used to be...I must've been!! an addict once. whew... scary. I remembered 1 time during highschool (PMR season I think...) I was playing games... *flashback*

mom : why don't you stop playing those games and go study?!
me : *mumbles* ooo... *continue playing*
mom : your exam is getting near!
me : it's saturday tmrw la mama... let me rest for today! *eyes still on the tv monitor*
mom : suit yourself... I'm going to sleep.
me : k~~~

*after...a few minutes...*

me : *heard my parents room door open and turn my head* eh mama... I taught you said you wanna sleep?
mom : IT'S 5 IN THE MORNING!!! and you still haven't stop playing!??
me : err.... aha~~~~~ 8D *show cute face*

this really happened u_u cept that we were speaking in bahasa melayu xD

well other stuff... was blog-hopping and surfing again the other day (like I ever stop surfing pfft.. xD) so I opened Youtube. and 1 vid caught my attention. something about a zit oh his arms xD LOL!! and I was hooked with his vlogs xD hahaha! after watching his videos, I was thinking of trying to do a vlog too. so me and KaRo tried, but we just suck at it xD lalalala~ maybe I'll do it some other time... it just felt... weird talking to a camera. I love talking to people and hear them replying back, but camera just don't talk much you know LOL! xD so it's a bit... awkward xD but, if you guys saw me on youtube or something, don't get shocked haha! xD (well actually...once upon a time, I used to post vids on youtube.. but i doubt anybody would find it 8D)

vlog of the guy I like so much~

some of his vids~




this still made me laugh like a hyena xD hahaha!! especially on the chinese and english names LOL!

wish I could talk like him. he speaks to the camera like... longtime buddy or something and I'm still cringing away whenever I looked at the built in camera on my iMac =_= I just suck... OMG! I KEEP SAYING MYSELF SUCK!!!!! OAO WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! *slap* cool down ifa... chill...chill... *inhale~exhale*... yeah~

well there you go~ stuff that i do just to avoid works LOL!

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