Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i passed last term's college exams.. thingy.. =_= in a way... i'm relieved... less on the happy part... i just don't know why. maybe because I know my effort and achievements on final projects last term was not up to my standard at all, but look at the marks that i got... it's... unexpected. of course i do feel... grateful.. oh fine!! a little bit happy too!! *rolleyes* for passing this term. but the feeling of getting to another phase of my studies with what i experience for last term and the results afterwards just doesn't get along to well with me. there is just something there!! I know it's not fair for me to complaint with what i have, but i just feel that i don't deserve it. but still~ i wanna thank the lecturers -not for the marks...well maybe a little bit on the marks part xD- for all the supports and knowledge that they give and for not being judgmental and mark the works fairly. terima kasih! 8D I will make use of the knowledges till i can't anymore...for...

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"-Henry Adams

new term resolution... DO MY BEST!!!! i mess around too much and now is the time to get serious. I don't bloody care about grades -well yes in a way it is important- i see it more of an asset than lifelong target. it's the knowledge that we gain and how we use it that really matters 8D so ifa... DO YOUR BEST!! more hardworking will ya!!! lets start with redesigning your blog!!! *slapself* =_=

on other words... hmm... i don't have any lol!! OH!! congrats to all my friends that passed the exams!! i know you guys deserve it ^w^ do your best for this coming term!!!

anybody decided on what to do after finishing your studies? 8D I'm still sticking to my plans on furthering my studies, but only time will tell. care to share your plans? 83

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