Wednesday, May 27, 2009

can a low standard gets even lower?

It is now almost 3 am. And I feel like ranting (was gonna use b*tch*ng..but nah~) about penpals who don't respect their friend!

I was doing my work today, and I received this sms from this guy, who got my number from my ex-highschool friend. Due to the feeling of respect towards my highschool friend, I replied that guy. and this was last term. After long time of not sms-ing me... he started to text message me again. OK~ fine! I'm a cool person! I can talk with people I don't know~! like wth~~ if my highschool friend trusts him until the verge of, SPREADING my phone number around~ SURE~~! maybe he is a cool guy~! I CAN TAKE IT!!! 

In the afternoon, he asked my what I was doing, I replied I was having lunch with a bunch of friends and chatting with em, WHICH actually means "GO AWAY..I'M BUSY" but he kept asking me stuff! FINE!! I'm a very AWESOME person!! so i play along~ he asked me what did I order, I said I'm not hungry. and he replied "on diet?". TELL ME PEOPLE!! WHICH PART OF "I'M NOT HUNGRY" is identical with "I'M ON A DIET" ???!!!! (well cept for the "i'm" part LOL!!) HAR?!! WTF! still I go along... trying not to... graze his feelings. so I said "no I'm not". If I am that guy, and have just a little bit of sense in me, I will be like... "oh...her answer kinda short...must be busy..." and will tell myself "maybe I should sms her later" . BUT NO! he insist on sms-ing! so i decided not to entertain him any further.

just now, 9.45pm, he sms-ed again. and I just saw the message like at 2am something. so ok... just to be polite, and nice and the usual cool me~~ I'll just reply him~ "oh..sorry, didn't see your message" then he replied... ALMOST INSTANTLY!! (GOSH THIS GUY IS LIKE CEMENTED to his phone!!! OAO) and he said~ "tak tido lg ke syg?" which in perfect Bahasa Melayu tatabahasa is "Tidak tidur lagikah sayang?" I was like.... THAT'S IT!!! I'M AT MY LIMIT ALREADY!! I am very sure I am not his bloody "SAYANG" and NOT EVER GONNA BE UNTIL I DIE!!! so I said... In English... (I always reply him in English) "I hate it when you use the word 'sayang'. You sound like a pervert, and I despise perverts" and I hit send.

some of you guys, that is an even better person than I am, might 've been thinking.. "omg ifaaa~ so bad!! say like that" but honestly... I don't regret it. then he replied, "sowi k.tengah buat pew?" which means "sorry okay. Tengah buat apa?" (I JUST HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ACT CUTE IN SMSES!!! I mean, if it fits the person... then I'm ok... but this guys... well he just SUCK at it!!!! i mean "...pew" ?!! how can it be from the original "...apa?" or "" to the disgusting "...pew?" ???!!!! BLOODY HELL!!!! could he drop his image even LOWER?!)

so i replied him..."...I just don't get guys like to use the word 'sayang'. I'M NOT YOUR GUYS PUNYA 'SAYANG' OK!..." then he replied again..."kalau you duwan me to kacau, nvm la" so i said something bout, it's not the problem of you disturbing me or not. I don't mind people sms-ing me! REALLY!!! I will try my best to reply even!! it's the problem of not respecting your friends when you converse!! I don't even know him well for goodness sake!!! then he giv me his reply "...taknak tido ke? pandai cakap je". HOW DARE HE!!! that BLOODY &#%@*$ SON OF A ^#@&$*@!!! HOW DARE HE!!!!! from the point of hitting the bottom of my 'penpal standard bar', he just volunteered to kill himself by jumping out of it, made a dive, hit the bloody cliff wall, and hit the ground on top of sharp stones in a very ear deafening splat!!!! HOW DRAMATIC CAN IT GET?!

so in my pissed off mood i replied "fine...but just rmmbr, the way you speak, reflects yourself" and just like that... I put down my phone vowing not to reply any sms from him for tonight...

first things first... WHY!! OH WHY!!! most of the male penpal that I got, sounds like a pervert?!! they smsed you for 1day, and start asking for your pictures and "can I call you and listen to your voice?" and even to the extent of "boleh jumpa tak?". i mean... HELLO!!! I don't bloody know you!!! why should I do what you want?!!!! then they keep pushing~ and shoving~ and elbowing~ without putting ANYTHING in that THICK HEAD OF THEIRS, that I just simply don't trust them yet to do all those stuff! and with them pushing me like that everytime they text messaged, they still wonder WHY i don't wanna meet, or give them my picture, or even answer their call. I just can't imagine what they will do with my picture if they get their hands on them *shiver* and to meet outside.... *shaking* I DON'T EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT!

one of the sad point of all this is that, they are all malays... MALAYS!!!!! not to say something bad about this one of the beautiful race in Malaysia (im just being a bit naive here for a bit), because I myself is a Malay, but HOW CAN THEY DO THIS?! their like, destroying the image of this race in my own opinion! it's not a perfect race to begin with, but with this kind of human being around, it's making the situation even worst. I just can't help shaking my head slowly. disappointing. embarrassing. I feel sad with all this thing. Can't we just have a normal penpal nowadays? the guy who smsed me even reach the level of asking where I'm gonna further my studies and maybe WE could go TOGETHER!! NOT IN A GAZZILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! WTF! even after i told him some logical explanation to why I CAN'T study with him (i said "well..I don't think that's possible" SIMPLE AND PRECISE!) he still can ask me "why did you say that? :(" ....then I replied "unless you are taking courses related to multimedia and got videos, web and all those stuff, which I don't think is even close to what you're doing now, then who knows..." =_= how THICK can he get?!

I am not a bad person. I make friends quite easily sometimes. and my friendship, i can proudly say,most probably can last forever (LOL for now). but after what you guys read up there, Im sure you guys will think it's a bit too... harsh. but i think he deserves it. I can't respect someone enough, if that person itself don't respect me and everybody around me. its as simple as that.

so lastly... i wanna say thank you to all you guys who has been bunches of kick ass friends withme this past years~~~ i appreciate you guys, and I would do anything for you guys as long as I can do it and without any complaint because you guys rock my world!!!!!

GOSH!! talking bout all this is making my eyes feel heavy! ,,, or maybe because I'm just sleepy... xD but i feel GREAT after typing all this down~!! mwahahaha!

......GOOD NIGHT!!

p/s made Tony-tony Chopper's (one piece) 3D hat today in lightwave!! lightwave is AWESOME! xD


  1. erm...i not really agree on what you mentioned that, you said you are bad because of how you react to that person. In fact, i think that you had already being too kind for this kind of GUYs. "Guys", i mentioned. Which means, i don't think only malay guys who show this kind of characteristic. There are alot of annoying guys around from other races as well.

    So, you no need to be disappointed.

  2. yalor! >=O I just happened to know those type of people from MY part of the race u_u really sad la like this. aih~~~~~ wanna be nice penpal oso susah. tsk tsk!

    ...OIH! apahal lama tak update ur blog one? >=O

  3. no updates? because busy with boxes.

  4. The boxes oso can be an update ma xD


    fine~~~ busy people xD