Sunday, May 24, 2009

let's rant

bloody, good for nothing, promise breaking landlord =_= 

I mean... does he think we are THAT stupid?!! he kept promising to come at this time... and that time... this day and that... but whadya know?! not even an inch of his lazy arse was seen! watafork! I'm just not given to swearing and cursing... but right now... I'm dedicating all the curses and swears to our BELOVED landlord!! *cheers*

it's almost a MONTH we've been waiting for him to repair that damn pipe! we HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY FOR GODSAKE! I can't bare anymore handwash!! did he suffer some... chronic disease?! till he can't pick up the phone?!!! maybe his hand got caught inside the blender or something~ so he couldn't pick up the phone! =_= I mean... HE IS OLDER THAN US MAN!! talk about maturity and responsibility at the same time! what kind of example is he putting up like this? useless, immature...good for nothing *mumbles* gosh i really hate him right now!!! OAO If you can't come and repair... just say so from the bloody beginning!! than letting us hang like this some... naive teenager who's waiting for some... HERO to come and FIX THE DAMN PIPE!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!

=_= well.... ZEEAVI'S ALBUM IS COMING TO MALAYSIA THIS 27th May. The only thing that makes the days bearable... DANG!!

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