Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1st of all~ wanna do a shout out to orilia 8D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! hope you like the retarded pig that we got for you u_u lol! it really does look like you you know xD
so i went to watch a Malaysian movie today with some of my classmates. SELL OUT! i can say... it's one of the BEST-est local movie out there!!!!!!!!!!! OAO I'm proud!!!! and far from disappointed with it!! I'm glad i decided to watch this movie instead of Star Trek today 8D it is absolutely worth my money!!!!!! 8D

at 1st, honestly, I was a bit skeptical on this local movie, but it is more than what I expected!!!

so...for those who haven't watch it yet... let me give some... appetizer before the coming main course that your are going to enjoy 100% when you watch the movie!

In English & Cantonese with English and Chinese Subtitles
Director: Yeo Joon Han
Cast: Jerrica Lai, Peter Davis, Kee Thuan Chye, Lim Teik Leong, Lee Szu Hung, Wong Wai Hoong, Hannah Lo
RunTime: 1 hr 46 mins
Released By: Cathay-Keris Films & Lighthouse Pictures 
Rating: PG

Her name is Rafflesia Pong (Rafflesia=largest flower in the world, which reeks of animal carcass; Pong=stink). She's a bottom-ranking arts show host who's disillusioned with "those over-rated underachievers we call artists."

He's Eric Tan (Eric=Eric, Tan=typical Chinese surname), a product designer who's just about to learn that it doesn't pay to be creative.

They both work for FONY, a multinational conglomerate whose mission statement, copied from a Taiwanese company, is to be original.

In the face of such pressure, will Eric and Rafflesia retain their artistic integrity or will they finally sell out to fame, fortune or some other nasty thing that also starts with "F"?

Art is hard. Sell Out!


Malaysian 1st trailer

the front part makes me laugh till wanna die!!! xD

yeap... from my P.O.V. this movie hides a deeper meaning. You just have to think and look more not just the surface. all the things related to typical things that...well.. frankly speaking... us malaysian's experience/face... for example - 

1- department store staff who are everywhere but don’t seem to be around the moment you need one
2- phone calls from people that who just don't get it when the receiver said "wrong number"
3- and the desperate effort of getting taxi LOL (and the price for it too *cough*)

and a lot more!!! you have to peel your eyes open LOL! xD and since I'm a hell of a rotten reviewer... I copied this review from somewhere else -

From what could probably be deemed as Malaysia's first Manglish comedy musical film, "Sell Out!" shows its quirky and comedic side with dark humour and obvious inside jokes. Producer, composer, writer and first-time feature filmmaker Yeo Joon Han amusingly crafted an artsy film that pokes fun at almost every issue that society encounters or surrounds itself. It jokes on a variety of questionable thoughts like why Chinese people create unofficial English names for themselves, how power hungry business conglomerate bosses are blinded by profit or how ridiculous it is to have reality TV shows where society determines people's fate by sending SMSes among others.

In the opening film, the filmmaker turned the tables onto himself by introducing himself as an artsy director with very little words and pokes fun at the question and answer session which caused much frustration to the interviewer. A refreshing start for a Malaysian film. Since this is part musical, this reviewer believed Joon han when he said that all songs were sang by the casts themselves. So expect a few non-melodic tunes, especially from the half-English lead actor, Peter Davis. Heck, this film even makes fun of musicals! Regardless of that, the songs are brilliantly witty focusing on money, love, rejection, death and a couple more.

"Sell Out!" sees Eric Tan (Peter Davis) as an innocent young man who tries to persuade his bosses to market his 8-in-1 Super Soya Maker machine invention at Fony Corporation. Meanwhile, he is infatuated with Rafflesia Pong, a straightforward TV host who can't wait to out succeed her rival, Hanna Edwards Leong (Hannah Lo) in the ratings game. The true show stoppers are the CEOs of FONY Corporation played by Kee Thuan Chye and Lim Teik Leong as their characters are packed with ridiculous slapstick humour and are sometimes unfortunately, degrading. But then again, they're perfect as money-minded businessmen.

Needless to say, with all the humour involved, the comedic timing is spot on, but there are times where some sequences and gags are thrown in for no reason than to rake in the laughs. And surely, it'll be hard not to even giggle or crack a sound while watching the scenes.

Compacted into 106 minutes of pure entertainment, this is a good film to catch if you're looking for a unique element that is out of the ordinary in Malaysian films. - from here

yeap~ worth to watch. very creative and nerve racking. xD a must watch for me!!

i'll give it 9/10 (minus 1 mark for some lousy jokes u_u)

and the soundtrack is out!!!! can get it at any local video shop!!! so far i knew that Speedy, Rock Corner and Victoria...something... are selling the soundtrack which is made and paid by the director himself!! SO GET THE ORIGINAL!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!! 

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