Sunday, May 31, 2009


supposed to do work... but procrastination got the best of me. from my table i could see the world outside. the sun was blocked by the clouds but the rays still could find their ways to earth. the temperature is normal but how I wish there's snow in Malaysia right now. hard wind blowing rustling the trees, the sound is like music to my ears. the distant sound of thunders adds the feeling of longing and loneliness and also serenity.

I can feel the wind caressing my face as I type. I can smell the light scent of rain in the wind. Is it going to rain? the wind is blowing again. the scent of rain is getting stronger. sometimes i wish my window is bigger that what i have now. in away, it could help with my room ventilation, but it also calms me down.

maybe I should take a nap for awhile. maybe i could see things in a different point of view and vigor.


I should.


p/s sometimes, nice weather like this made me feel nostalgic and made me feel like typing something... different than usual. yeah...

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