Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Nothing thrills me more than a nice freakin' ghost story! 8D so I was searching for some ghost stories one day (I know... I know... I should be researching for design method's class *cough*) and I came across an articles about Count Dracula 8D (I LOVE VAMPIRE!!!! ) I knew Ct. Dracula is evil... but I didn't know he was THIS evil! O_O look at this!!!

Vlad was known for his cruelty. There are paintings of him, having lunch while enjoying to see people die on the sticks. It was said that after a great battle there was a whole forest of sticks with impaled Turkish soldiers, which made the Sultan withdraw in horror, although he had the better chances to win the war.
There are also stories about Vlad killing children and drinking their blood in front of their parents. Also, cooking people and solving the poverty problem by burning hundreds of poor in a locked off building.

wow... but then they said he has this one quality in him which was JUSTICE. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!! xD hahahahaha!! vampire stories never cease to amaze me man.

how dracula died... well he was killed by his own brother, Raul. hmm... interesting.

well, I like ghost stories... but there's only 1 type of ghost I'm really scared of... Zombies =A= (are they even considered as ghost? more like living dead...) I dunno why, but they just freaked me out!!! you can see me watching stuff like Thai ghost story, Japan horror movie and all that, but you won't catch me watching zombie stories! Especially alone!!! i'd rather watch educational channel! wtf! Zombies freaked me out _-_ yeah...fine...enuff talk about zombies *shiver*

I feel very thankful to god because till now, there's no unusual entity have ever disturb me yet. (I hope it stays that way!!!) I mean... I dreamt of stuff like that, but it never actually happen to me in real life. It happened to my sister before tho. She was possessed but my parents doesn't allow us to get close to her until she's well enuff. I rmmbrd my sister asked me to accompany her in her room at night. (because she said she saw some... "stuff" there) but i only lasted 1 night u_u when I think of it now, i feel guilty and funny at the same time xD what kind of sister am I?! geez! xD

I recalled my eldest brother did some test on me when I was in highschool, something about how "strong" am I towards all this stuff. so he stared at my eyes and was reading something... and he said If i blink early that means I'm "weak" or something... and I didn't blink. so he said "oh... u got a very strong protection." or something like that. when I think back... xD nobody ever won against me on a staring battle LOL!! (it's all in the wind direction xD) so i think he was just joking around _-_ pfft... but people tend to use me as shield whenever something spooked em xD perhaps it's got to do more with my oh-really?-well-nothing-will happen-one-la attitude xD ( highschool, somehow it's funny when I think back. It's all in our head. I mean, of course paranormal stuff do exist, but it's all in our head. It's like... "hey~ if I don't disturb you, plz don't disturb me~" kinda thing?" instead of freaking out.

there's 1 time during my 3month national service where there's this one period of time it like the "ghost period"! xD we were living inside a chalet. So during this incident, some of the people from other chalet slept at my chalet, and nobody wanna sleep near the door! they're like...freaking out =_= so I have to take up that spot? and tmrw morning... the person who slept in the middle of the bed was bothered by some entity! LOL ( i love that word... sounds pro like that xD) she said she heard some sound saying something like " I just wanna play" like wtf!!! and I had a very peaceful night! xD hahaha!! but sometimes my friend told me, my "bravery" should have a limit. OF COURSE I HAVE A LIMIT!!! I'll be the 1st person to run if I saw zombies =_= trust me!! *cough* they actually scolded me 1 day when I went to toilet at 2-3 am. ALONE. kind of creepy actually

it looks bigger than the picture... and darker... so that's my chalet. and the toilet is like this 2 HUGE warehouse! with a LOT of cubicles... and sometimes the light will flicker on and off. can you imagine how creepy it is? but somehow I don't really feel anything... so I went and came back safely. BUT, there's this 1 incident when I almost reach my chalet, I heard a cat miao-ing. so i was like "wth... got cat kah?!" so i turned my head here and there... then the dustbin next to me suddenly fell down! like somebody kicked it! O_O but I swear there was no cat around! so i was like.... "what the f..." so I ran back to the room. and sleep. CREEPY! 8D but maybe it's just me~

hmm... and got this 1 time, this girl was possessed and keep saying she wanna go home. at 1st she looked normal, but she get hysterical by the second. So i was standing next to her. We can see that her eyes is slowly changing... (as in... it's just not her anymore... her eyes were blank...) then she began staring at the people around her... (there's like 4--5 other people including 1 teacher) so the 1st person she stared at was me... can see her eyes trying to "pierce" you!! LOL! it's very sharp!!! and I keep staring at her till the teacher realized what I was doing and she pushed me and said "DON'T LOOK INTO HER EYES!!!!!" and i was like... "wha....?" they said, whenever people got possessed, it's not safe to look into their eyes. because that thing that is inside' could get into you. so i was like... "oh.... yeah...i forgot..." LOL! (I heard of it somewhere b4...) then the possessed girl look down... then one of my friend went to my back and looking at the girl over my shoulder when he head suddenly snapped at us! like SUPER fast! O_O and my friend freaked out xD she was hugging me till i couldn't breathe LOL! then the teacher slapped the girl xD (not my friend, but THE girl)..... 

nothing really bad happened to me... which I'm very thankful for!!! 8D ........ my goodness... I'm talking bout weird stuff again O_O ;;;; what the heck!? O_O ... i better start my work now! random storytelling stuff is over. _-_

the conclusion here is..... don't think too much...~ _-_ ;; swt

p/s ... why do I have the feeling I've told this story before? =_= ;;

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