Saturday, May 30, 2009

to malaysia from japan

we had a live conference the other day. and the talk was conducted by none other than HAZMER! -this is his blog-

it was a very interesting talk indeed! he talked about Japan and the doujin culture there and the differences between Japanese people way of thinking (especially when it comes to games, graphics and all those related stuff) the events there, the culture there, and how painful it is to burn your own wallet just to buy some anime/game/manga stuff there. LOL

it was a very fun talk too. TOA should do this more often! 

some pictures... (need more picture man!!! =3=) taken by orilia

there's a One Piece poster at the back!!

yeap~ actually there's a lot to say, but i just couldn't think of what. =_= aish... just 2 words, AWESOME CONFERENCE!!!!! xD

after that the event continued with the MM GOT GAME competition. they compete using Nintendo Wii. It was hell lotta fun! I wish I had entered. sad. there's 2 types of game they played, Wii Sports and Wario which is for the finalist.

it was fun to watch lecturers playing xD THEY ACTUALLY ROCK! and they won they're round too which was awesome. until they back out from competing against the finalist. pfft... was hoping to see the lecturers kicking those students butt! xD

OH! before the live cast started, 2 of the seniors presented their work. It was awesome! after they finished their talk, I was thinking to myself, WHY didn't I take Advance Digital Media again?! OMG! its soooo much fun! OAO but I love video too, so I don't regret my choice of elective. Still got next term's Game Art & Planning subject! was talking with the tutor, Reuben..? i can't rmmbr his name. I asked him whther it is compulsory for me to take advance digital media if I wanna proceed and take game art & planning? he said it is not! YAY! but there's a little bit of scripting for that class. WHICH IS FINE FOR ME 8D i can't wait!

yeap... so basically that's it~ congrates to Apocalyse group for winning 2ND PLACE in the wii competition~!
(thanks orilia for correcting me _-_ the winner was from "keep skin" group... keep skin? lol)

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