Saturday, May 16, 2009

life impasse...


I was blog hopping today. So i visited my friends blog and some great artists blog and feel soooooo underachieve!

I went to this person blog and can see all the great worldly achievement this person have through her photography skills. Wide varieties of clients and for sure humungous amount of money. (well if not, surely in the future she'll be swimming in it) xD so heavy heartedly (if this is even a word), i went to her online portfolio pula. and oh my god... how can i get to her standard in my own carrier/major?!

then i blog hop again...

the fact that I love to read peoples everyday activities on blogs made it an interesting "journey" when i visited this friend's blog. xD what she do, what she wear, stuff that she buy, places she went to during holidays, ceremonies, pet, family, food, restaurants, bars, goodness, the list is just...ENDLESS! she's a rather petite person and despite her saying she got bad sense in art designs, made me wanna shake her and say "YOUR ART SENSE IS NICE!!!!!" xD and all the stuff she got made me think to myself "my goodness, if i got all those clothes and make ups and shoes... my mom will get into a comma and be proud of me in the same time! and my sister will be super uber jealous, she will jump out of the window from a 2 storey high building!!" xD hahaha!!

she knows what she likes, and enjoys life in her own way. 1 of the traits that i think is very... adorable. (I don't even know how to wear eye shadows LOL) xD

then i went to 1 more awesome friend of mine and read her post about how she cooked especially for her mother, and they liked her cooking!! I AM TOTALLY UNDERACHIEVED! xD the only food that i ever got praised for was my egg tarts and my own recipe sandwich xD (which varies on occasion depending on the ingredients in the fridge at that time xD) LOL and this person made a bloody good dish!!!

*sigh* wish i could cook like her xD

then i went to this person's blog. 1 more talented photographer. looking at all the breathtaking photos made me wanna scream "OH MY BLOODY ....PUDDING!!! OAO I can't even take 1 decent picture of human being!!!!!!!!!!!" and yet he took his with great composition and amazing editing. He will probably be a great photographer in the future.

and my dSLR is tucked away in my wardrobe. untouched. I hope i can build up my photo taking skill -if I have 1- it's a waste if I didn't make use of the camera now xD

they all have their own achievements and the way they deal and went through with their life.

I wonder if I will ever achieve something in my life like the others did.
I wonder if I will ever cook an even complicated dish other than egg tarts.
I wonder if i will own my own cosmetics someday (hears a distant sound of laughter somewhere xD)
I wonder if people will view my blog, and think "oh my gosh... this girl got an amazing life!" 

well... I don't want to think a lot about this just yet. I love my life just the way it is~! xD 

for now~

i guess the life impasse will come later huh? xD



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