Friday, May 8, 2009

60's BABY!!!!!

8D so i went shopping with my dad, mom, little sister and niece today~ its more of a farewell shopping since I'm going back to sunway tomorrow =_= yipee~~ so i got myself couple of voir stuff (1 pants and 1 black cardigan looking thingy...), and more pants... and my dad surprised me by buying a Barry Manilow cd!!!!!!! HOMGWTF!!!!! 8D

listening to it now 8D some of the popular song in here are -

-can't take my eyes of you
-can't help falling in love
-there's a kind of hush

and a lot more 8D he is awesome!!! (end up singing with my dad the "can't take my eyes of you" song in my room LOL!!) then i went to the shop with my dad again and talk a bit with the shop owner. xD this shop still sells cassette tape 8D and its only rm5 for 1!!!!!!!! HOMG!! so me and my dad rush there xD LOL!! but in the end we didn't buy anything _-_ the positioning of the cassettes is so..... not user friendly... LOL! xD i mean... those things are small.. and was positioned on the lower racks =_= wow... sakit belakang xD

oh well.. but i saw some familiar artist. craig david, ricky martin, tchaikovsky, debussy.... and some others. OH!! and soundtrack from the movie Vanilla sky OwO on cassette!! WOW! almost take it...but i don't have cassette player _-_ hmmpphh...

hmm... tmrw going bek sunway... =_= bloody hell... aih... suddenly body feels so heavy =3= well.. i better go wash all my laundry!! toodles~~!!

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