Sunday, April 26, 2009

princess and the frog

if somebody ask me to make up my mind on which one I'd kill to watch... anime or disney's, well they won't have any moment of hesitation from me~ it'll be DISNEY aaaalllll the way~ xD

princess and the frog from disney will be out this year!! can't wait!!!!!!! 8D there's LOADS of summaries about this mostly anticipated 2-D animation - like OMG!!! 2-D!!!!!! OAO FINALLY!!! - so i'm just gonna copy and paste most of em here since what i wanna say almost sound the same...

taken from the web

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents a musical set in the greatest city of them all, New Orleans. "The Princess and the Frog" marks Disney's return to the warmth and grandeur of hand drawn animation. The film teams Ron Clements and John Musker, creators of "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin" with Oscar(c) winning composer Randy Newman. From the heart of Louisiana's mystical bayous and the banks of the mighty Mississippi comes an unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with trumpet playing alligator, a love sick Cajun firefly, and a host of other charming characters at every turn.

Princess and the Frog is a musical set in New Orleans about Princess Tiana, a young African-American girl living amid the charming elegance and grandeur of the fabled French Quarter.

wow! it's like... creators of little mermaid and aladdin. it's like a combination of rice and the chicken! like a mug of cold rootbeer plus the ice cream!!!!! 8D this is a hell of an animation!!! despite all the bad wind up from those who said that this animation is somehow related to racism -which is a total bullshit to me~ (sorry bout the language) -more positive p.o.v. came from people out there 8D which includes me~

and the fact that all the breathtaking concept art made me more determine to watch the animation!!! 8D which can be found here~

there's no need for explanation on the absolutely gorgeous concept arts. it is PERFECT! (well at least fer me~) 

and the teaser trailer for it is out!! which also can be found on the website that i've given above and also the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the animation itself. but nonetheless, i'm going to put on the youtube video here 8D

adorable frog and pretty princess *w* i could die a happy fan~ xD not to mention the humor in this trailer~ mild...yes. but still nerve wrecking for me in a warm sort of way 8D (after repeating the comedy part in Meet the Robinsons for 5 times...and still got the power to over this teaser trailer... well... i have nothing else to say)

eventhough most of disney's animation is not original concept but taken from fairytales and stories, it still have this charm to it. the way they make it into life, the movements of the characters, the music and ambience, the colors, the character and surroundings designs itself is painfully (in a bloody goodway) outstanding! I could watch THOUSANDS of original concept animations out there, and believe me i watched quite a few already...well most of them anime haha but Disney's animation have the tendency to stay in my head like...well...forever...? xD hahaha!!! so it is a great deal. 1 of the point is the effort perhaps. but gorgeous works from studio Ghibli proves that originality in storyline + amazing artwork + effort made it worth to watch just like Disney's. just to make it clear to everybody that I totally don't think that originality in storylines are pish-posh xD it does plays an important role. but in a way, disney's fairytales proves that sometimes, it's how they make the fairytales come to life and capture the heart of their audience. 8D .... wow....i really can babble O_O hahaha. 

it's almost 5 am O_O better sleep! this anticipation is making my head giddy!!! 

so yeap!!!! can't wait!!! 8D

DECEMBER 11th 2009!!!


and 1 more animation from Disney that i can't wait to watch!!


2010!! 8D can't wait!!! 

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