Friday, April 24, 2009

everything in sabah

I don't flatter myself with my barely tolerable photography taking skills...but nonetheless!!!!! 8D i'm gonna put some of the pictures that i took during holidays here! lol!

lets start with this piece 1st...

the giant octopus in sunway pyramid _-_ ;; i like the colors of the balloon Dx

ahem...rite... sabah pics!!

the fact that we are sharing 1 whole sky with the entire world doesn't change my childish thinking of how the sky is even brilliantly blue in Sabah xD

call me biased but the sunset is prettier here than any other place!!! xD

the sun is shinier i swear no curtains can block out the light!!!!

...and my niece...she likes to barge into my room anytime she wants =_=

her mother is the same... _-_ and a model wannabe pfft. give her pair of shades and camera... she'll survive. oh! and handphone xD

some of my classmates went to sabah for their holidays. didn't follow em. sorry~ i'm a lazy arse~ kehkeh~ but orilia stayed at my place for 1 night. so we brought her to places...beaches... 

sutera harbour's beach
love black n white pic u_u
Segama waterfront~ (look properly in this will find a hidden orilia there. LOL! i doubt anybody can find her~ oh well~~)

tourist shot..? _-_ ; well...after that we went to tanjung aru 8D

sunset + sea + orilia  xD
+ my niece xD 
I think this photo was taken by orilia... love the shines~ 8D sunset is even exquisite here LOL!

which concludes that... the sun shines more in Sabah!!! and I'm a bloody biased person! LOL!!!!! wahahahahahaha xD

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