Saturday, April 4, 2009

i really should...

keep a journal for myself. since I've got to many random thoughts, it will pop up anytime O_O IT'S UNSTOPPABLE!!!! It would be convenient to write it down now and then, i don't think i could contain it any longer. Besides, i think it will be very interesting to read in the future. xD 


I swear I will drop dead at the shear mentioning of "bad endings"! ... and I'm not even sure if "shear mentioning" are words!!!

yeap... journal... reminder to self... buy a journal!!

p/s been laughed at by my sister because never been to Pavillion, and was laughed again today because I've never been to 1Borneo... u can't get a better sister than mine~ and trust me... all those sentences above are meant to be read in a PURELY sarcastic intonation u_u

whats the big deal anyway? 1borneo is just the 1st and largest lifestyle hypermall in East Malaysia!!!! NO BIG!!!!! ........... omg.... i really do suck.... *cries in the corner*

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