Monday, November 3, 2008

WEB DESIGN *update*

well..i did some sketches on web design...

THE LONELY MUSHROOM - i'm making bookmarks~

Interface sketch

I kinda like this one xD the setting of this interface is in a Mushroom Kingdom! yay! black mushroom is the navigation buttons. rollover it, and words will come out and show u the way~ haven't really complete it yet. but got the main idea for it.

this one...kind of random xD didn't really sketch properly. and some review from friend.."eww!! no!! eww!!" u_u ;; so yeaa~~ dun think i'll pick this one.

this one is kinda ok too. basically it's just like a mushroom kingdom. u click the button, it'll navigate you to other page , and the button will become bigger. there's also pop ups for the tutorial section.


well i'm going for gloomy and dark kinda feel.. never try it b4~ so yea~

there will be lotsa swirls like that in my interface i think.. well it sorta relates to the story. OH!! let me tell you guys the story for this project then!! 8D

*clear throat*

Once there was a little mushroom, abandoned by all the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom. (they moved to different part of the region xD LOL!) The little mushroom's name is Kin. He was different from the others. So that's why nobody wanna befriend with him...or it...i'm not really sure which one to use. So Kin sat there all day..which eventually turned to weeks.. and months (8D don't expire wan!!) and years...until one day~ a girl walk by. Kin told her his story, and the little girl who came to be a witch, took out her knitting kit and sew Kin a companion which eventually came to life. Since then, Kin has never been lonely again.

8D YUP!! that's it!

I did some test on how to make it, and type of stitches that is suitable to use. xD hence this little retarded spoon-looking-orange-bookmark was created!! xD didn't put enough cotton..hmm... note to self... note to self...

OH!!! and i got a tattoo!!!!! 8D

it's a DRAGON!!! xD ..... well of course it's a temporary tattoo!!! pfft! it's the free tattoo that was given together with maggie xD LOL!

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