Saturday, November 8, 2008

retard issue

my previous blog related to "retard-ness" (which i have deleted) has been commented by somebody with the username of hmshore. Personally, the post have got nothing to do with those with special needs and trust me..i've been around people with cases like this since god knows when. As we all know...retards doesn't necessarily give meaning in THAT kind of way. for god sake. well I know maybe for some they might not get it... but hey how can YOU lecture people if YOU yourself doesn't know how to behave? I mean like...going to other people's blog, saying bad stuff instead of giving some explanation in a proper manners, how can u want people to learn if you do it like that??  You will just trigger people's annoyance instead of teaching them something. So for god sake, THINK BEFORE YOU ATTACK! do not attack blindly.. that's just....not the right way.

well maybe something happened to you or your family member that u will get offended in the usage of the word "retard", but taking it out on EVERY SINGLE PEOPLE with the word RETARD on their blog or web is just NOT RIGHT. what can you get from that? angry blogger from all over the world?? what's your point? will somebody get anything out of all the irritation you've caused? will somebody get happiness out of that? will your children be happy with it? try and think about that before you do what do.

if you want to correct peoples that used the word "retard" do it properly. TEACH not IRRITATE. that is just wrong. i mean, instead of making people realize stuff, you are making them irritated instead. so what is your point in doing all this?????????? 

look at all this comments down here!! negative replies... do you feel happy to get this sort of replies?? if me..i won't be happy AT ALL... and i don't think my family will be thrilled either..

.....*sigh* sure got a lot of different type of people in this world huh? it's like...u went to AAALLL the webs n blogs out there and talk about your problem and trying to tell the whole world about it. well i know u will say ur fine with it...but it really doesn't make sense with all the things u are doing now. you wanna tell people about the usage of the word "retard" but it can easily be mistaken for asking for people's pity. what would your family member think if they know about this? everybody out there will get irritated at you but have you ever think that the irritation will go to your family members too? have u ever think about that? you do things your own way without thinking of the people around you. would you want people to blame any family members of yours? would you??

and don't give the crap bout "u won't understand...bla...need 1 family members with special understand...bla" because how did you know the person that you are giving advice to doesn't have the same problem like you do?? u just jump into conclusions like that. not a very SMART move now izzit? this just show that they treat them just like a normal person and they accept it as a blessing from god. How would you feel if you were treated differently from other person? is it that stressful for you until you have to go to this extent? It is really offending. seriously. I feel disappointed. are you trying to imply that people with special need RETARD? I don't think they would prefer to be called retarded...but instead, mentally challenge. (and don't you go telling people off that mentally challenge is a very bad choice of word!) 

but hey~i will be more careful in my choice of words in the future~ thanks~ no seriously.. =O this is no sarcasm. I never really bother using the word because i never considered people with disabilities as retards. so yeah

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