Saturday, November 1, 2008

mong huan baek soe

also known as Jade Of Bango or A Book Of Dreams. a manhwa created by Yim Ae-ju (story), and Yim Jin-ju (art).

yes i read manhwa too 8D don't just stick to manga guys~~ manhwa is pretty nice to read~ and
gosh... this is one of my favourite manhwa of all time!!! since i was in highschool... *sigh* It suddenly came into my head today after how many years already... i would highly recommend this manhwa to everybody!!

but the sad part of it was... i can't find any free scanlation of it!!! OAO i am soooooo dissappointed!!! OTL

(edit : *hyperventilating* !! OK!! OMG!!! FINALLY I FOUND A PLACE TO DOWNLOAD EM!!!!!! HOMG!!! i just love mangatraders!!!!!! BREATHE!!! BREEEAAATTHHEEE!!!! *scream!*) 

i can die a happy girl...woman...whatever now!! *wipe tears*

An ordinary highschool girl, SEONWU Rin, who is actually a woman saint holding the 'Jade of Bango', the power of ancient times, however she does not recognize that she is a woman saint. On her seventeenth birthday, she can obtain special eyesight seeing the ghosts and she goes to school every morning with the harmless and lovely ghosts. One day, however, she has an abnormal dream, and that evening, she encounters a terrible evil spirit. She is shivering in horror, but in the very nick of time a handsome man she had seen in a dream appears to rescue her and he frees the ridiculous power that had been concealed in SEONWO Rin. His name is In-Mu, who says to her that he is her fiance



I JUST LOOOOOVE THE GUY WITH THE BLACK HAIR!!!! he is still one of my top favourite character!!! I JUST LOVE HIM SINCE THE !ST TIME I SAW HIM!!!! xD his name is IN MU. LOVE IN MU!!! i just got some hot spot with hot-quiet-mysterious-black coloured hair + red coloured shirt/eyes- guys xD HAHAHAHA!!!

so yea... the authors ROCK!!! visit their page (used to be one of my fav web xD all the pretty pictures~)

*sigh again* i need more of these... i should buy em!! YES!! 

p/s ceh... lucky a handsome guy as her fiancee *sulk*......I NEED MORE OF THE MANHWA!!!! *scream*

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