Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more one piece figure!

8D so i went to sunway pyramid with JN n her friend. drop by Comic Paradise...get couple of Dragon Ball manga. xD hey i like dragon ball ok!! then i saw 3 small figurines of Luffy, Sanji and Robin!!! like HOMG!!!! robin looks soooooo CUTE!!! so i took it! xD eventhought i know it's not original. and the craftmanship not really THAT impressive, but hey~ it's cheap! xD so i took it~ thanks JN for paying it fer me 1st xD (payed her back d tho) so yeaa~

i want Zoro, Chopper, Franky, Nami, Brooke and Usopp inside... TAT feels like something is missing now

hey at least Robin does look like Robin!!! xD and can barely see the kecacatan of it oso x3 so yeah~

Sanji looks like Sanji too!!! isn't he cute!!!!?

Luffy....eating Chopper??!! OAO

...bad picture taking skill =_= ; so blurry!! i dunno how to adjust punya xD LOL
everything cost me like : RM29.90

....*sigh* finally had a very good sleep today after class..slept for 7 hours straight! can see how tired i am T_T and i think i did bad in today's test. DARNNIT!!! just that 1 hour is soooo not enough! xD oh well...what's pass..let it go~ hmm...

HEY!!! TOMORROW DESIGN YATRA!!! OwO YAY!!! need to wake up early... YEAP!!! so i better get a shut eye then!!! GOOD MORNING PEOPLE!!!! (almost 3 a.m. d xD)

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