Saturday, November 29, 2008


ok..i know it's a bit too late for this xD but hey better late then never *cough* so we went to design yatra conference. it's awesome! let the pictures tell the story~

{DAY 1}

Wally Olins .. he's scary!! OAO

William Harold-Wong.. Naga!! xD

Rohan Thomas... MAC pc rules!! }:O cis!

OMG!! NEVILLE BRODY!!! *faint* he is awesome!!

I LOVE CHRIS LEE!!!! OAO he is funny!! and awesome!!!

Kenya Hara!! his work really captivate me!! great guy! I still hate the guy who stupidly asked him Question that even a 5 year old can ask better & in a more simpler way! it's not a surprise if Kenya Hara can'n understand the Q..even i get confused! stupid guy! KENYA HARA RULES!!

believe it or not... that's water. A logo made out of water... *see how it works in d video below*


wasn't that just AWESOME?!! OAO

{DAY 2}

Happy multimedia student of TOA u_u

DIXONBAXI!!!!! HOMG! awesome guys!

Dixon~ *points at his hand on the shoulder* kehkehkeh~


KATE TUDBALL!! she's awesome!!! the only female presenter! HOMG! *salute* and she's cute!! SERIOUSLY!! OxO

see~ xD Kate is cute~

Discussion.. Neville and William & paul Hughes

VINCE FROST!! OMG!! i still haven't send the pictures to him!! *faint* love his work!

Andy Altman. the work where there's writing on the stone is awesome hahaha!

OMG!!! PAUL HUGHES!!!! HE IS AWESOME I TELL YOU!!! the way he present.. the thing he present is like.... wow...

look at the long roll of parchment...i mean wallpaper.. LOL! very interesting indeed!!

yeap~ that's about it~ 8D it was really worth it and fun!!! i hope they'll do it again XO

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