Sunday, November 9, 2008


*EDITED* yet again~

-changed the copyright placement.

extra info

{title} The Lonely Kin
{theme} mushroom
{settings} mushroom city or kingdom or town
{character} there will be 2 character inside which is little Mary and Kin
{story} a story about a lonely mushroom who were abandoned by his friend in the City of Mushroom. A little girl came along 1 day, and ask about Kin's problem. She solved it by sewing Kin couple of mushroom friends.
{message} with sewing the mushroom, you will have companion wherever you go!
{concept/elements} thread/sewings, fabrics, craft, fantasy, dark, gloomy, lonely, dream
{craft} felt bookmark! *UPDATED SOME PICTURE ON IT*



First things first...Is this version better? or is the previous one better?

the TITLE will go down here..*point's at the bottom dark part*

is the font for the STORY ok?

or this font better? or should i pick other font? =O

change the BOX for this STORY page 8D whatdya guys think?

CHARACTERS page. The character's head will be inserted on the round thingy (spores? OwO)

HOW TO page

Home page button pressed

right, so i edited some parts. xD this effect was accidental seriously. but i kinda like it~ was doing some changes to the box for the STORY by adding some texture to it in photoshop. but i accidentally dropped it onto my illustrator pula. then TAADAAH!! xD

the mushroom still looks wrong kah? >.> you guys dirty minded. tsk tsk.




  1. yeah, i think the mood for this one is better than the previous one.

    copyright text at the top annoys me. 8D


    for now cant differentiate what are the pages other than the button at the left. maybe put the character in the pages. it looks like an empty city now. put the character to stand out.

  2. hehe, this interface is better than ur previous one. I like your background design and the colour mood ^^ for the font ler, i think the 2nd one is btter, match with ur background. You have a very long story telling? erm.. for me the content box is too big, if u full fill texts, it looks a lots.

    hahaha, if you don't say the dirty mind, I also dont know it actually looks like... wakaka! but is ok for now la, I can recognize they are MUSHROOM! :D

    by the way, good job , gambateh ^^

  3. i think the grey is just, wrong?

    i like the idea of mushroom*cough cough*, but yeah i agree with olala, u might need character to make it stands out.

    i still don't see the identity of the whole scene(by looking at it without reading the description)
    like what is the purpose of it? (it's more like mushroom town than kingdom) or what are the things/people stays in it, or why must it be flat instead of 3D?
    i can't see the culture, the history of it??? orz u can just skip me if it sounds like crap to you, i'm not pro in this, but i think these are things i learn in concept art.

  4. this version better ehehee...

    why ur copyright text on top one?? 0_o

  5. olala : logo tak siap lagi _-_ character oso haven't finish yet... so yeah~ there will be character inside later on... the character will be wearing RED OwO sure stand out. complimentary color.

    travin : content box kah? ehe xD i'll try and do something bout it later on. been thinking of putting iFrame. but the scrollbar so ugly T_T

    niku-niku : well, the setting of the story will be in a mushroom u_u there's no more mushroom living there because all moved and left only one mushroom there alone. That's why the title is "the Lonely Kin". i picked layered effect instead of 3D. I want it to look like cut and paste because it's related to craft and the textured background represents the fabric texture (i'm doing something related to fabrics). and i think this style suits kids and teenagers....but yeah..u lost me at the culture and history part tho xD

    karo : FINE!!! xD i changed the copyright d!! CIS! xD hahaha

    THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS GUYS!!! xD i'll do my best to err..upgrade..? it!!

  6. why they left him alone;A;
    rain not enough??
    no wonder only got one black... kin..*lol*! so that is the only remaining..(what's with the grey ones?)

    culture and hitory is not hard to portray, but i think i can feel the lonliness of kin-san >:3